Phonexa’s 2022 Highlighted With New Solutions, Solidified C-Suite,...
The calendar year marked yet another formative year for Phonexa, filled with watershed moments and milestones for the company.
7 minutes read
7 Major MarTech Trends & LeadGen Observations To Close Out 2022
Read on for this quarter's glistening insights on lead generation, marketing technology, dynamic bidding systems, Ping Post Calls...
11 minutes read
G2 Awards Phonexa with Series of Accolades in Fall 2022 Report
Phonexa has once again secured an impressive showing in G2’s Fall 2022 Report, collecting two dozen badges and ranks as well as...
4 minutes read
4 Days, 4 Conferences, Thousands of Leadgen Execs – Major Takeaways
Phonexa’s top learnings from Insurtech Insights America, Affiliate Summit East, MailCon, and LendIt Fintech conferences.
10 minutes read
Tellus, Phonexa Agree to Help Life Insurance Direct Marketers Together
The marketing relationship between Phonexa and Tellus Brokerage Connections calls for Tellus to facilitate introductions between...
2 minutes read
Phonexa Onboards Clients to Platform in Unprecedented 10 Days, G2...
Phonexa onboards the clients they sign with an impressive speed to the tune of an average of 10 days – a stark contrast compared...
5 minutes read
Phonexa, MailCon Successfully Merge Email, Omnichannel Communities at...
Owned and operated by Phonexa, MailCon successfully united top professionals throughout omnichannel marketing, email, and the...
4 minutes read
Top 5 Things Insurance Companies Need to Consider in 2022
Familiarize yourself with some of the key concerns for insurance businesses and marketers in 2022.
4 minutes read
7 Industries That Need To Leverage Call Tracking
Let’s take a closer look at the top 7 industries that have much to gain from call tracking.
7 minutes read
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