Performance Summaries, Mailer Compliance: October 2023 Product Updates

Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
1 minutes read
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Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
1 minutes read

Phonexa’s tech team has been working hard, innovating and building custom solutions across our products to optimise and power your performance marketing automation campaigns.

Here are just some of the new significant features and improvements for the month of October across our suite of products.

System Update: Sidebar Background

Did you know that you can change the colours and themes in your Phonexa Instance? Within Project Settings, you have many options to customise your Instance. We’ve now added a feature that allows you to upload a custom image for the sidebar background or for you to choose one of our preset backgrounds. 

LMS Sync & Call Logic Updates

Tracking: Test Run

We’ve been adding all kinds of cool new features within the Tracking tab in recent months. Now we have a “Test Run” option on each rule that allows you to send a test lead to ensure everything is configured properly.

Tracking: Call Logic Buyer Response

This is a new feature for Tracking in Call Logic. When the publisher posts data with a call, this trigger will send the data to the buyer at the moment they answer the call.  

Lead Returns

Lead price adjustments were previously reflected in reporting, but lead returns were not. We’ve updated the lead return functionality to change the lead price. If you have any questions on how to start using this, please reach out to your account manager.

Lynx Update: Performance Report Improvement

We’ve added a new tab to the Performance Summary for “by Revenue Type” in Lynx. When you click on this tab, it will add a new column for Revenue Type to give you another layer of reporting. 

Opt-Intel: New Download Frequency Report

In order to help you with mailer compliance, we created a new report for Download Frequency in Opt-Intel. This report will show you details for campaigns and mailers and how many days it’s been since they downloaded a new list.  

Liana Tonoyan avatar
Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
Liana Tonoyan is the Chief Information Officer at Phonexa. She oversees the operational and technical sides of the business for the all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more. Liana works closely with the company's leadership to set and drive organisational vision and technical strategy, all while ensuring effective implementation for goals and objectives. Liana has extensive experience across online marketing and lead generation industries throughout her career. She’s previously worked at KPMG, where she managed the operations department and worked closely with C-level staff.
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