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Use Lynx to track offers and traffic in real time to measure clicks, conversions, and more.

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Lead Transparency that Delivers An Optimised Journey

Lynx Features
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How Lynx Delivers for Businesses

Users get granular analytics that show performance, conversions, and other key metrics that allow businesses to scale.
Lynx is affiliate marketing software built for networks, meaning it’s equipped with features and tools that give performance marketers the data they need to thrive.
With offer automation, critical events are pre-programed to preferred settings—giving teams more time to focus on what matters.
Involve key stakeholders and fulfill compliance requirements with access control that limits user access when necessary.
Advanced tracking allows businesses to closely track offers with a focus on relevant data points that measure offer attribution and performance.
The report archive means fast, easy access to past data, making key reports available without sifting through old emails and hard drives.

Make Strategic Decisions with Lynx

Achieve growth by understanding how consumers are converting

You’ll get free integrations with major platforms, guided onboarding, and easy integration with your existing tools.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Phonexa has a very vast array of analytical tools available. One of the best things about Phonexa are their support teams. They are always on and available to help you with the platform. Regardless of what time zone you are in, they always have analytics, admin, and developers on standby for support. It's been such a relief working in this new system with such a strong support team.
Leo B.

Leo B.

The speed of the system is superb, best there is and the support team is really great. There are more options than we can use in the system but that is a good thing as we can upgrade and utilise the tools already in place for us. The system speed and ease of making adjustments brought us to Phonexa and we have not been disappointed.
Steve B.

Steve B.

Sales Manager
Platform is fast and easy to use. I'm able to seamlessly move through different reporting and analytical tools to get what I need. It has features that I haven't seen in any other platform. You're going to be able to see an overview of everything and also have all the features to dive-in and get a more in-depth analysis.
Jesse N.

Jesse N.


Lynx FAQs

What is link tracking?

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Link tracking is the process of creating and using data-coded tracking links so you know where traffic on your website is coming from. The digital code that is assigned to your links are able to track user activity for that specific link with affiliate tracking software. Tracking links can be used in any of your digital marketing efforts to track link traffic.

What are the benefits of link tracking?

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Link tracking gives marketers a method for tracking the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives, and in doing so delivers a wealth of valuable data regarding your web traffic. It can reveal which marketing links are bringing in traffic and which ones are underperforming. By seeing the links and channels that are bringing in the most high-quality traffic, you’re able to adjust your efforts to put more resources into the best-performing links and channels.

What type of tracking does Lynx offer for my campaigns?

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Lynx offers tracking for link usage across a variety of channels, including affiliate links, social channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, plus Google Ads and more. By implementing link tracking, you can follow activity across all your digital marketing channels.

Does Lynx offer attribution data?

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Yes, Lynx can provide important attribution data for your campaigns and other marketing initiatives. Using coded tracking links, you’re able to collect data on all your marketing efforts. Once you’ve collected attribution data on your links, you can use analytical reports from your affiliate marketing tracking software to identify your most profitable channels or highlight trends.

What industries should use a link tracking solution?

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Link tracking is useful for a business in any industry that relies on digital marketing to drive traffic to their website. Industries like insurance, financial services, home services, and other businesses engaged in performance marketing can benefit from using link tracking from affiliate marketing platforms.

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