How to Automate Payments with Phonexa’s Books360

1 minutes read
1 minutes read

Automated accounting product Books360 serves as a fundamental component within the Phonexa Suite, allowing clients to pay publishers directly, and invoice buyers accurately, safely, and efficiently.

Books360 offers significant advantages to individuals seeking to simplify their accounting and automate crucial financial tasks. The essential tool also produces financial reports for automated billing and payments, catering to Phonexa clients who are engaged in online or phone-based campaigns.

Users are not required to pay any additional fees to use Books360 for automating their payment procedures and smoothly connecting to the Phonexa products they are already using.

Books360 helps you:

  • Align payouts to value, anywhere in the conversion funnel
  • Scale reach to pay affiliates and influences anywhere
  • Reduce network risks
  • Make the finance department happy

To start automating your accounting needs in Books360, Phonexa customers can go to Account in the left menu bar, then click on Settings. Here you can customise your invoice and payouts settings. We also have the option for prepaid buyers, along with an auto-charge feature.

Books360 employs a fully integrated accounting system to minimise manual labour. Unlike users of alternative systems who need to export data or reports from their lead tracking tools and then import them into their accounting software, Books360 automates this process.

It also effortlessly transfers your lead figures from Call Logic, LMS Sync, or Lynx into Books360, facilitating the prompt sending of invoices.

Phonexa has also arranged an array of strategic partnerships and integrations with the likes of Corpay, PayPal, Stripe, Tipalti, and more to make the global payments safer and simpler.

Books360 is a streamlined solution that holds great value for those seeking to simplify their accounting processes and automate essential financial tasks.

Contact your account manager if you have any questions about how to use Books360.

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