Anti-Fraud Features & Integrations: Phonexa’s Go-To List

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5 minutes read

Whether it’s fake referrals, cookie stuffing, click fraud, bot traffic or misrepresentation, ad fraud can take a toll on your revenue streams.

Ad fraud is so profitable for criminals that it’s expected to cost advertisers $100 billion this year. Anura estimates that 25 percent of all paid traffic is fraudulent, and that programmatic campaigns have fraud rates averaging 50 percent.

Phonexa offers numerous third-party services to help you combat fraud, reduce unnecessary ad spend, and increase your bottom line. Check out our third-party offerings below.

Features You Get out of the Box

IP Analysis

IP Analysis detects and prevents bots and proxies. This service returns a fraud score based on 25 risk analysis data points. You can reject leads based on fraud score, mobile status, and country.

Geo By Phone

By using the Geo By Phone service, you can reject leads based on country or area code.

Basic Phone Number Validation

The Basic Phone Number Validation service allows you to validify a phone number based on the country.

Phone Number Analysis

The Phone Number Analysis feature is the most robust verification for phone numbers. This service provides a fraud score that you can use to filter leads, along with the ability to reject based on validity, active status, prepaid, VoIP, spammer, line type, country, carrier and time zone.

Email Hygiene

The Email Hygiene service provides real-time validation of email addresses. You can run this service and create a rule to filter out undesirable results, such as bot, spam trap or complainer.

Litigant Alert

The Litigant Alert service allows you to search the consumer’s phone number for existing TCPA, FDCPA, FCRA, and CFPB lawsuits. You do not need your own credentials for this service, but keep in mind that this subscription may be used for business analysis only, not for credit, insurance, or employment decisions. Phonexa is not a consumer reporting agency, and the data is not a consumer report under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Litigator Database Lookup

The Litigator Database Lookup service identifies leads as TCPA plaintiffs and litigators.

US ZIP Code Validation

The US ZIP Code Validation allows you to verify zip codes. You can set up rules to reject if the zip code was not found or to reject certain states.



With a 99.999% accuracy rate, Anura is a leader in identifying fraud. You can use this service to identify bots, malware, and human fraud. Using your established Anura credentials, you can run this service on your products within Phonexa to filter out suspicious leads and prevent spending resources on working fraudulent leads. See how the integration works in more detail here.

Jornaya Authentication API

Jornaya is a third-party service that tracks a consumer’s journey on your website and captures consent. With Jornaya, publishers have a tool to prove consumer consent, and in turn, provide higher quality leads. The Jornaya Authentication API service allows Phonexa clients to reject leads if the Jornaya LeadiD token is not valid.

Jornaya Lead Age

A major concern in the lead generation space is obtaining fresh leads. With the Jornaya Lead Age integration, you can create a rule to reject leads based on lead age in days, hours, or minutes.

Jornaya TCPA Guardian

The Jornaya TCPA Guardian service helps you authenticate TCPA consent and provides detailed information about the location and visibility of the TCPA consent and disclosures on the webpage. Using this information, you can reject a lead based on authenticity, TCPA consent type (active or passive) and TCPA disclosure mismatch. You will need your own credentials to utilize this third-party service.


Our TrustedForm integration allows you to automatically claim the TrustedForm certificate using your credentials and send the masked TrustedFormURL to the buyer. You can also set up a rule to reject the lead based on age in days, hours, or minutes.

TrustedForm Ping

The TrustedForm Ping service is used for ping post products and allows you to obtain info about the TrustedForm certificate without actually claiming it. Just like the TrustedForm service, you can use TrustedForm Ping to reject based on lead age, as well as form input method, IP address mismatch and time on page. For example, if the form input method is “paste” and the time on page was only a few seconds, this could be indicative of fraud.

TrustedForm Retrieve Insights

The TrustedForm Retrieve Insights feature allows account holders to retrieve TrustedForm metadata associated with a lead. For this service, the TrustedForm certificate contains the metadata that can provide more insight into analyzing lead quality and identifying potential fraud. Note: this service cannot be used in conjunction with the TrustedForm Age service.

Impressionwise Email Lookup

If you have your own Impressionwise credentials, you can use Phonexa’s third-party integration to validate email addresses. Within the Impressionwise Email Lookup configuration, you can set a rule to reject an unwanted status, such as seed, bot, or disposable.

XVerify Email Lookup

Through Xverify Email Lookup, you can plug in your Xverify credentials and create a filter to reject leads if the email is high risk or invalid, among other things.

The Blacklist Alliance

The Blacklist Alliance service identifies leads as TCPA plaintiffs and litigators, helping you avoid costly TCPA lawsuits. You will need your own API key to use this service.

Next Steps

In addition to utilizing anti-fraud services, you can also use Phonexa’s basic features to filter out duplicates and configure present and do not present lists.

These features in tandem with routine monitoring of your lead performance using our comprehensive reports will help you stay on top of the game.

But don’t take our word for it, hear it from one of our clients in this case study about how they were able to reduce their fraud rate by 30%.

If you have any questions about how to implement these third-party services in your instance, please reach out to your Phonexa representative.

For questions, or to learn more about Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more, schedule a consultation, email, or call (818) 800-0000.

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