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The End-of-Year Checklist for Marketers & Affiliate Managers: Preparing for Success in 2024
This comprehensive checklist delineates essential projects and tasks tailored for both marketers and affiliate managers, ensuring a thorough conclusion to 2023 and a...
4 minutes read
Top 10 Gifts for the Marketer in Your Life
In this year-end roundup, we’re giving you a gift lineup you didn’t know you needed, directly sourced and curated by the marketing team at Phonexa - IYKYK. 
6 minutes read
Mastering Email Newsletters: Key Strategies from GURU Conference 2023
Whether you’re a marketer, affiliate, or business owner, creating a profitable newsletter requires actionable insights...
5 minutes read
Your 10 Best Affordable SEO Tools for Affiliate Marketing
Even though SEO ranking tools of all scales and types are always available, it’s extremely challenging to compile a winning SEO toolkit.
12 minutes read

Phonexa’s Ping Post 2.0 delivers 376% ROI to Enterprise

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10 Best Web Analytics Tools for Your Affiliate Marketing Tech Stack
Without the right suite of web analytics tools in digital marketing, you are in the dark, helpless against informed competitors converting leads into paying customers left...
12 minutes read
Top Referral Software: 14 Best Referral Marketing Tools for Business
Referral software is of tremendous help for businesses running several referral programmes.
11 minutes read
17 Top Affiliate Marketing Software Suites for Affiliate Management
Never has affiliate programme management been as automated, hassle-free, and profitable as today, powered by...
16 minutes read

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