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Why You Should Switch To Call Logic

Optimised distribution that ensures calls are sent to destinations that match consumers to services and result in maximum profitability.
24/7 support for technical questions and a dedicated customer success representative ready to help you achieve your goals.
Tools that enhance the customer journey: a customisable IVR or call recording that ensures every caller is a priority.
Syncing your Phonexa platform with the marketing tools you depend on allows for call data to pass seamlessly through your tech stack.
The ability to spot trends and find income-boosting insights with granular reporting not available with other solutions.
Market-leading call technology like Ping Post Calls allows for real-time call bidding to give buyers greater flexibility and opportunity.

Call Tracking that You Can Integrate and Customize

Empower your business to reach maximum profitability with the help of our team

You’ll get free integrations with major platforms, guided onboarding, and easy integration with your existing tools.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Phonexa is easy to use and navigate. They have excellent customer support and are always there when you need them. Additionally, Phonexa offers a wide variety of reports that help you gain deep insights into your calls, and marketing efforts. The dashboard gives you an excellent overview of how many calls are coming and how the campaigns are performing.
Gavin B.

Gavin B.

My overall experience has been great. Our team uses vanity numbers to track calls and a custom IVR to route these calls. It helps with our attribution and we are able to see what campaigns are the most profitable, which helps us increase our marketing ROI. The software is very fast. The software is robust and flexible.
Bobby G.

Bobby G.

Sales Manager
The Phonexa software is easy to use but very powerful. It helped us improve analytical decision making and lead ROI within the first month. Well worth the investment, and has changed the way we do business. Very quick to get up and running with most integrations ready to go immediately. Any questions or changes are quickly addressed by the tech team.
Beatrice B.

Beatrice B.


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Call Logic FAQs

How does Call Logic work?

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Call Logic is an inbound call distribution platform that tracks and optimises call campaigns for any given vertical. Its sophisticated features like Ping Tree AI, dynamic phone number insertion, and Ping Post Calls 2.0 are designed to skyrocket conversions and refine call tracking methods.

What are some of Call Logic’s key analytics?

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Call Logic has a handful of analytics features that serve as a game changer by presenting actionable data insights to help companies boost revenue. Some of these features include GoogleAds report, Waves, and Traffic Flow.

GoogleAds report: This feature compares GoogleAds data with the conversion and revenue-generating aspect of the business, where users can drill marketing outcomes down to a campaign, Ad Group, and keyword level. With access to this tool, Phonexa clients no longer have to do manual reporting or analysing because our platform provides complete visibility into money spent versus money earned in a given campaign.

This type of data helps users understand which of their marketing efforts are working and which are not, creating more strategic and methodical budget allocations for PPC campaigns that boost ROI and increase efficiency.

Waves: This tool takes the trial and error out of the marketing approach by leveraging data in real-time to identify if any changes to marketing channels would increase or decrease monetisation outcomes.

Traffic Flow: This tool provides a window into lead transparency to see where a user ranks in the ping tree ranking compared to other lead buyers from a given publisher. It provides insights into what percentage of the time a buyer is first to see a lead and what percentage of the time they’re missing out on the “first look” from a given publisher. By using this tool, lead buyers can find new ways to be reprioritized higher on the ping tree.

What is the benefit of Ping Post Calls 2.0?

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Ping Post Calls 2.0 allows publishers and buyers to work directly together with a reinvented approach to purchasing and selling ping post leads. With this updated integration, Phonexa helps publishers bid into the lead journey on only the best call data attributes in the marketplace by utilising all five lead flows with dynamic and static campaigns, duration to sell filters, and much more.

What are the benefits of accessing Call Logic from an iOS or an Android application?

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With a user-friendly interface, the Phonexa app bridges the barrier of entry into a user’s lead management system while providing lead buyers with speed-to-contact opportunities. This means that lead buyers no longer have to be in front of a computer to access or act on a campaign, but they can do so from anywhere at any time.

Do you offer a demo version for a call management system?

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Book a Demo to learn more about how you can explore Phonexa’s all-in-one suite for marketing automation.

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