Drive Inbox Performance with a Robust Email Marketing Platform

Improve deliverability and optimise campaigns with an email and SMS marketing platform that gives you unrivalled email control

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E-Delivery Features

Greater front-end functionality to help you increase engagement and earnings

E-Delivery Features
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The Difference E-Delivery Makes

Improved rates of deliverability with reporting that focuses on how email performance is impacted depending on your email delivery service.
Insights from hourly reports that show data on when recipients open your emails so you can reach inboxes at just the right time.
Smart throttling functionality that lets you address deliverability concerns in real time and meet challenges as they happen.
Generous SMTP support empowers you to distribute campaigns through specific channels and select the ideal email service providers for each domain recipient.
Simplified list-building that works with a single tagging action making it easy to create precise lists in a matter of seconds.
Advanced ESP and SMS controls enable you to build campaigns that drive engagement and revenue through email personalisation and reach people on their mobile phones.

An Email Marketing Platform that Gets You into Inboxes

Emails are only as good as their rates of deliverability. E-Delivery outpaces other email marketing software in tools that ensure your emails get where they need to go.

You’ll get seamless integration with major platforms, guided onboarding, and easy integration with your existing tools.

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Phonexa is definitely an all-in-one solution for lead management. Comes with built-in analytics and tracking. Everything is pretty streamlined and easy to manage. We are able to see the lead details in real time and automatic distribution makes our lives easier. For us, the most valuable part of Phonexa is the ability to add additional publishers and buyers into the pipeline.
Burak D.

Burak D.

Marketing has become seamless since using LMS Sync. The tracking and reports are so detailed, it has really helped improve conversion and ROI month after month. The campaigns and reporting that it generates and creates are incredible.
Duane C.

Duane C.

We finally found the one! I really appreciate being able to do everything in one platform. From call tracking to ping tree management, accounting, and my email campaigns. Everything works together and tracks seamlessly. I can see a lead from the time it is generated to monetisation on the backend.
Devin F.

Devin F.


Mobilize your Email and SMS Marketing with the Phonexa App

The Phonexa Apps for mobile and desktop give you the speed, mobility, and convenience to control your marketing campaigns from anywhere, and on the go.

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E-Delivery FAQs

What is an email and SMS marketing solution?

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An email and SMS marketing solution provides software that allows businesses to manage all their email and SMS marketing efforts. An email and SMS marketing solution facilitates the sending of messages, utilises automation to create more efficient workflows, and offers reports that can be used in building new strategies and campaigns.

Why do I need an email and SMS marketing solution?

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An email and SMS marketing solution allows you to send out and measure the effectiveness of your marketing messages via emails or SMS messages. When you use an email and SMS marketing solution, you’re able to send personalised messages to your audience, track their performance, troubleshoot any deliverability issues, and cultivate lists.

What is ESP integration?

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Integrations for your ESP, or Email Service Provider, are important for syncing up your email marketing software with an ISP, or Internet Service Provider, so that it can collect data, create reports, and measure deliverability. ESP integration requires seamless communication between your ESP and other email platforms. When done successfully, ESP integration provides great value to your email marketing strategy and can help you increase key metrics regarding deliverability and open rates.

What’s the difference between an ESP, CRM, and email testing platform?

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An ESP is an email service provider, meaning it facilitates the sending of emails for email marketing purposes. A CRM is a customer relationship manager, which allows businesses to connect and maintain relationships with consumers. Email testing platforms are focussed on the specific action of testing your outbound emails to make sure everything looks correct once it lands in audience inboxes.

What industries should use an email and SMS marketing software?

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Email and SMS marketing software is a valuable asset for any business that is looking to send marketing messages to specific audiences via email or SMS messages. Some notable industries that have been able to utilise email and SMS marketing software include insurance, healthcare, home services, financial services, and a wide array of marketers working in a variety of verticals. Email and SMS marketing software has value in connecting businesses with their consumers.

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