Ping Post Calls Integration Builder: Phonexa Product Updates

Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
3 minutes read
Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
3 minutes read

It’s that time of month – here are just some of the latest features we’ve released across the Phonexa suite in recent weeks.

Ping Post Calls Integration Builder Support

Everyone who uses Phonexa loves the Integration Builder. So we made sure to spread the Integration Builder Support love to ping post calls as well.

Our Integration Builder now supports ping post calls flows through LMS Sync, providing clients with a powerful new tool to quickly and easily build integrations and make updates as needed.

The best part? The user-friendly interface is designed so that you don’t need developer support.

LEARN MORE: Integration Builder

Filter Leads Based on DNC Parameters & Stay Compliant

We’ve launched a new feature within iClear that cheques in real-time the “Do Not Call” status for the lead phone number, a cost-effective alternative to our more comprehensive service of Phone Number Analysis.

The new service aims at filtering the leads based only on DNC parameters. This is especially important because it helps you stay compliant with the FTC and state guidelines by scrubbing against daily updates of DNC lists.

By the way, did you know that the latest FTC report showed that consumer complaints about robocalls and unwanted live telemarketing calls have decreased to a five-year low?

LEARN MORE: iClear: Do Not Call cheque

New Report Identifies Lead Rejections Based on Rules

Phonexa clients increasingly use iClear’s advanced rules because it offers incredible flexibility in creating and managing a variety of rules for processing, filtering, and routing leads based on the complex logic of conditions and actions.

Now we have a useful report that tracks the performance of the configured advanced rules and quickly identifies the lead rejections based on those rules. The report contains information on the number of processed advanced rules and the number of rejects based on those rules.

LEARN MORE: iClear: Advanced Rule Reject Report

Streamline & Enhance Workflows Through Disposition Summary Report

The Disposition Summary Report is a powerful new feature in our system designed to streamline and enhance workflows by providing valuable insights into the dispositions pinged back into the system.

Key features include a detailed overview of the disposition pingbacks in a consolidated report, real-time updates on disposition changes, and enhanced decision-making based on the feedback from the buyers on the quality of the leads to optimise the processes.

Every time a new disposition is pinged back into the system it will be immediately updated in the report and can be viewed and analysed from various perspectives such as:

  • Disposition Summary by Buyer
  • Disposition Summary by Publisher
  • Buyer Monthly Summary
  • Global Publisher Review
  • Publisher by Month
  • Publisher by Campaign
  • Publisher by Day

LEARN MORE: Disposition Summary 

Optimise Email Configuration For Deliverability

According to the latest industry reports, the average email deliverability rate across various email marketing platforms is 84.2%.

In our continued efforts to improve email deliverability, we’ve introduced a new E-Delivery feature that allows clients to test the configuration and deliverability of the template to the inbox.

The Email Tester feature provides detailed information on variables like Spam, Authentication, Headers, DNS, Links, and more.

Get ready to identify and fix configuration problems in advance for better inboxing.

LEARN MORE: Email Templates 

Improved UX for Instance Interface

We’re always burning the midnight oil looking for new ways to improve the user experience. Our toiling and tinkering have led to a new feature that enables users to hide or show less frequently used filters in the most popular reports. It just takes a click to hide or unhide the filters for a cleaner and more focused experience.

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Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
Liana Tonoyan is the Chief Information Officer at Phonexa. She oversees the operational and technical sides of the business for the all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more. Liana works closely with the company's leadership to set and drive organisational vision and technical strategy, all while ensuring effective implementation for goals and objectives. Liana has extensive experience across online marketing and lead generation industries throughout her career. She’s previously worked at KPMG, where she managed the operations department and worked closely with C-level staff.
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