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What's included in each Suite?
What's included in each Suite?
  • Lead Tracking & Distribution
    LMS Sync
  • Call Tracking & Distribution
    Call Logic
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Cloud Phone System
    Cloud PBX
  • Click Tracking
  • Suppression List Management
  • User Behavior Recording & Analytics
  • Automated Accounting
Lite Suite
£500 setup fee
  • Lead Tracking & Distribution £0.002/post
  • Call Tracking & Distribution £0.045/minute
  • Email & SMS Marketing £0.20/1K emails
  • Cloud Phone System £0.02 - £0.05/minute
  • Click Tracking £0.30/1K clicks
  • Suppression List Management £0.50/1K records
  • User Behavior Recording & Analytics £0.0035/recording
  • Automated Accounting £0.00
Premium Suite
£1,000 setup fee
  • Lead Tracking & Distribution £0.001/post
  • Call Tracking & Distribution £0.04/minute
  • Email & SMS Marketing £0.15/1K emails
  • Cloud Phone System £0.02 - £0.05/minute
  • Click Tracking £0.25/1K clicks
  • Suppression List Management £0.35/1K records
  • User Behavior Recording & Analytics £0.0035/recording
  • Automated Accounting £0.00
Enterprise Suite
£2,000 setup fee
  • Lead Tracking & Distribution £0.0005/post
  • Call Tracking & Distribution £0.035/minute
  • Email & SMS Marketing £0.11/1K emails
  • Cloud Phone System £0.02 - £0.05/minute
  • Click Tracking £0.20/1K clicks
  • Suppression List Management £0.15/1K records
  • User Behavior Recording & Analytics £0.0035/recording
  • Automated Accounting £0.00
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  • LMS Sync
    Incoming Ping
    Incoming Post
    Outgoing Post
  • Call Logic
    Call Minutes
  • E-Delivery
    ESP Transaction (Per Email)
    ESP Transaction (Per SMS)
  • Cloud PBX
    Outgoing Call Minutes
  • Lynx
    Number of Clicks
    Number of Impressions
    Number of Conversions
  • Opt-Intel
    Number of Records
  • HitMetrix
    Number of Recordings

*Pricing is based on your activity over a single calendar month. Your total cost will vary month to month as your monthly lead volume and activity varies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Phonexa’s products and solutions are the right fit for my business?

Phonexa was built to allow businesses to properly track, in real time, the spend, conversion, attribution and distribution across all marketing efforts. While the industries of our clients may vary (such as Home Services, Financial Services, Legal, Education, etc), they all have similar characteristics – they are high volume direct-to-consumer companies who are looking to minimise their performance marketing tech stack.

With a single subscription to Phonexa, you gain access to eight turnkey solutions within the software, consolidating various platforms that monitor and optimise the performance of calls, web leads, clicks, email, SMS, and other campaigns in real time.

How does the migration process work from another software to Phonexa?

Most of our clients are seasoned businesses looking to switch their tracking solution(s). Phonexa has a very thorough process of migration to help prevent any business interruptions whenever clients switch platforms. At the start of your onboarding, this will be planned, communicated, and implemented with you.

Is Phonexa compliant and SOC certified?

Yes. Phonexa's is equipped with industry-leading security and high redundancy. In addition to being SOC 2 certified, we also regularly practise additional significant compliance measures, such as penetration testing, cybersecurity training and frequent security upgrades. In addition to keeping your data secure, Phonexa also offers services that help our clients stay compliant in their own businesses, including but not limited to adherence with TCPA, CCPA, and HIPAA regulations. Click here to learn more.

What happens after I sign up for a plan with Phonexa and what kind of training is provided?

You’ll be assigned a designated UK-based Onboarding Specialist and a Project Manager and one of our team members will travel to your office to get you all set-up and answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, we can host you at our Los Angeles headquarters as well to get you started.

You’ll also have access to:
  • Onboarding Calls and Assisted Training within the platform
  • Our Knowledge Base content centre containing step-by-step guides
  • Feature Updates and Enablement
  • Campaign, Ping Tree, and Third-Party Integration Builds and Support
  • 24/7 Customer Support Through Chat
  • As a valued Phonexa customer, you'll also enjoy exclusive perks related to our conferences, activations, and networking events.
Does Phonexa integrate with CRMs and other tools that I’m using?

Yes. Phonexa's native CRM integrations enable you to seamlessly transmit call and lead data to popular CRMs such as Salesforce Sales Cloud, HubSpot, and various other CRM providers in real time. This integration facilitates automated closed-loop reporting, providing valuable insights and analytics. We build custom integrations with publishers, affiliates, and marketing technology providers for many of our clients based on individual use cases. If you want to build an integration for yourself, with a few easy steps, our Integration Builder also provides self-serve features to build custom integrations for products.

What can I expect from a Phonexa demo?

Phonexa's system is robust and feature-rich with a custom setup for each client's use case. In a personalised demo, you’ll see Phonexa’s power and potential in action and how the platform can be tailored to your business, marketing programmes, and lead flows. We’ll showcase Phonexa’s modules and how they can address your pain points, and you’ll receive in-depth pricing details based on your needs and anticipated usage.

Take the product tour if you’d like to see how Phonexa works in real time.

Book a demo to learn more.

Is there a long-term contract required to sign up for Phonexa?

No. Phonexa is available with a pay-as-you-go monthly agreement for Lite and Premium plans.

Does Phonexa offer any discounts?

Yes. Phonexa offers a variety of discounts, and pricing can be customised based on expected usage and needs.

What will my monthly invoice look like?

Your monthly billing statement will detail all usage fees for the prior month, as well as any additional enabled features (like fraud verification tools) and the costs associated with them. Reference the easy-to-use interactive calculator found on this page to foresee estimated expenses.

Do I have the option to upgrade my plan anytime?

Yes. Upgrading is fast, easy, and done in just a few clicks.

What are some of Phonexa’s proprietary and unique features?

Tools like Waves, Traffic Analyser, and Anomaly Detector can take the trial and error out of your marketing approach by leveraging data in real-time. Additionally, Integration Builder, Form Builder, and Product Builder are just some of the other many unique features Phonexa offers to its customers. These Builders give customers the ability to make their Phonexa Instance custom according to their selling needs.

Does Phonexa have any self-guided tutorials?

Phonexa has a Quickstart Resource Centre that is packed with helpful tools around System Setup, Reporting, Builders, and an extensive Knowledge Base with articles that guides and supports customers every step of the way. We also provide step-by-step instructional videos. Take the product tour if you’d like to see how Phonexa works in real time.

Does Phonexa have a mobile application?
The Phonexa App is available via iOS, Android, and macOS. The Phonexa App brings a variety of useful features straight to your fingertips, including:
  • Real-time reporting
  • Quick access to system controls for all products
  • System management tools
  • Communication with Phonexa's support team 24/7
  • Global component menu search
  • Easy phone-to-web switch functionality with shareable links
  • Improved speed and UX than internet browsers

Click here to learn more.

How does Phonexa help maintain GDPR compliance?

Phonexa is safe and compliant with GDPR. Phonexa is the controller and responsible for your personal data collected through the Phonexa website. The personal data Phonexa collects from you is required to enter into a contract with Phonexa, for Phonexa to perform under the contract, and to provide you with our products and services. We will only collect and process your personal data where we have a legal basis to do so. As a data controller, the legal basis for our collection and use of your personal data varies depending on the manner and purpose for which we collected it. Your personal data is used by Phonexa to support a range of different activities. Click here to learn more.

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