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Lead Tracking and Distribution

Exploring the High Stakes of Financial Advisors Buying Leads
To establish yourself in the realm of financial consultancy and cultivate a reputable standing, it’s...
7 minutes read
How To Generate Solar Leads in Bulk: The Ultimate Playbook
With an impressive 23.53% CAGR and 15.1 GW cumulative solar capacity, the UK’s solar market...
15 minutes read
Why a Lead Tracking and Distribution System for Affiliate Marketing is NOT the Same as a CRM
To maximise leads and optimise conversion, it's imperative to understand the unique roles that lead tracking and distribution systems and CRMs play.
6 minutes read
Lead Distribution 101: Methods, Strategies & Ping Post Technology
Did you know that responding to leads within just 5 minutes can increase your chances...
13 minutes read

Phonexa’s Ping Post 2.0 delivers 376% ROI to Enterprise

Real-time call bidding and lead acquisitions that generate robust ROI. Download the e-book below to learn more.

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Lead Flipping: How To Streamline Lead Selling & Lead Buying
Traditional marketing outreach methods such as cold calls or in-person networking are no longer the...
5 minutes read
Why Do Companies Choose Inexpensive Leads?
Looking to acquire cheap leads? Find out if your business can benefit from the quality of free business leads and learn about the best way to generate leads.
9 minutes read
Mastering Lead Nurturing: 5 Strategies for Success
How do you maintain and nurture relationships with prospects? Find out how to improve your lead nurturing efforts and move prospects down the sales funnel.
8 minutes read
Lead Monetisation: Selling to High-Intent Advertisers in 5 Expert Steps
Looking for actionable tips on how to successfully sell leads online? Read on to learn how you can connect with engaged lead buyers and enhance your revenue.
6 minutes read
Generating Valuable Leads: How to Leverage Ping Tree Technology
This article will guide you through the fundamentals of the ping post process and explain how lead sellers, customers, and buyers can make the most of it.
3 minutes read
Understanding Pay Per Lead Model: What It Is, How It Works & Its Advantages
Staying competitive in the digital marketplace requires having the edge on generating a constant flow of high-quality leads.
3 minutes read
The Importance Of Lead Routing
The process of lead routing benefits marketers and purchasers alike.
3 minutes read

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