Visualize the Future with Predictive Modeling

Put your campaign data to work and see the likely outcomes of new marketing initiatives.

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Predictive Analytics Removes the Guesswork From Your Campaigns

Access predictive modeling with Waves—Phonexa’s predictive analytics tool that provides probable outcomes for your marketing initiatives for calls and web leads.

Optimize Resources and Spending

Focus your spending by getting an informed view of when and where demand for your product or service requires your attention. You’ll also see the areas of your business where it makes sense to scale back your investments.

Understand Consumer Behavior

Insights from predictive modeling give you awareness of past consumer interactions, equipping you with data sets for creating more targeted campaigns. Predictive logic conclusions can help you connect with your customers at the right time.

Design Your Strategy for Growth

Data-backed predictions allow businesses to scale by giving them a roadmap for future campaigns and initiatives. With user-friendly visualizations of potential growth areas, marketers have a powerful new tool in advocating for new strategies.

Customize Your Waves Fields

Depending on your industry, customize and adjust fields such as:

  • City
  • State
  • Income
  • Lead Price
  • Marketing Channel
  • Homeowner Status

Powerful alone. Better together.

When used together in one marketing suite, every solution Phonexa offers to help companies grow can push your business to new heights.


Predictive Analytics FAQs

What is predictive modeling?

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Predictive modeling uses existing data as part of an algorithm model to form estimated outcomes that can be used to inform marketing decisions. By using predictive modeling, marketers are able to see plausible outcomes of their strategy initiatives. The predictive forecasts created by the modeling process can increase the likelihood that new strategies will achieve marketing goals of saving time and money.

How do predictive analytics work for businesses?

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Predictive analytics offer incredible value for businesses. With predictive analytics, businesses are able to improve their lead scoring models by identifying the opportunities in their marketing funnels that can improve the rate of conversions and grow revenue.

Businesses can also leverage predictive analytics to chart behavioral patterns of certain consumer groups. With a good understanding of how consumers will react, marketers can adjust their sales funnel to make it more conducive to conversion.

Does predictive modeling include call insights?

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Yes, predictive modeling can be used with call tracking software to get a clearer understanding of call campaigns and conversions. When using Phonexa, predictive modeling comes with Call Logic—the platform for call tracking, distribution, and call analytics.

The observations and conclusions from predictive modeling for calls can help make a major impact on the caller journey, or when and where call campaigns are executed. It can be especially helpful for businesses with call centers: knowing what type of hours to set can be informed by predictive modeling so agents are only on call when it is likely that they will receive the most calls.

Can you increase revenue with predictive analytics?

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Yes, predictive analytics has the ability to optimize marketing ROI and highlight new earning opportunities for marketing teams. Predictive analytics provides critical data on the presumed behavior of your target audiences, giving you a roadmap to follow for new initiatives. By using predictive analytics, it is possible to get a full understanding of your lead quality and judge the expected effectiveness of new campaigns. These results show that using predictive analytics for business is a smart method of enhancing revenue streams.

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