Calls By Brand Details How Phonexa's Suite Increased Lead Conversions by 20% and Reduced Spend by 30%

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Case Overview: The Brand, The Problem, The Solution At A Glance

Calls By Brand is a lead generation network and platform that drives duration-based call leads to national brands and SMBs. With direct partnerships with technology and mobile companies like Progressive Commercial Auto Insurance and Orkin Pest Control, the network is an industry leader in the pay-per-call marketing space.

Before discovering the Phonexa platform with its all-in-one capabilities for automated calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more, the company experienced a series of inefficient encounters with numerous other marketing platforms.

At one point, Calls By Brand was inconveniently using 6 different products, each with a single solution for lead management, call tracking, distribution, email service, automated SMS, or others. Navigating through multiple marketing channels created internal inefficiencies, disturbances to the workflow, and hampered the company’s ability to maximize their ROI.

One thing all of these platforms had in common was their inability to help the company to scale and improve lead generation performance due to their singular focuses.

Phonexa provided an instant solution by offering everything under one technology suite.

The following is a breakdown of how Phonexa boosted efficiency and reduced marketing costs for Calls By Brand with its all-in-one marketing automation suite.

Results At A Glance

  • 20% increase in MoM lead conversion rates in the first month
  • 30% reduction in marketing spend
  • Eliminated 40 hours/month of internal accounting efforts
  • Eliminated 10 hours of data entry input per week

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An All-In-One Platform That Delivers Growth

Calls By Brand needed a robust platform that fit their evolving needs and saved them time, money, and internal resources. Most of all, they needed to centralize as many of their operations in one hub.

The Solution & Outcome

With Phonexa, the company began using LMS Sync for lead generation and distribution, Call Logic for call lead tracking, and E-Delivery for SMS-based campaigns.

Calls By Brand utilized Phonexa’s advanced reporting capabilities to gain visibility into their campaigns while also signaling potential issues or red flags.

After replacing multiple solutions with one platform, Calls By Brand reduced internal inefficiencies and addressed all of the processes they needed to scale their business with improved planning and execution of their company’s digital marketing campaigns.

As a result of using Phonexa, the company saw a 20% increase in sales conversions in the first month, and a reduction of 30% in ad spend.

“All of a sudden, the variances went away, and Phonexa allowed us to operate in a much more understandable manner, allowing us to grow our bandwidth and secure better positioning.”

Mike Todd, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for Calls By Brand


Empowering Growth By Saving Time & Money

Before discovering Phonexa, Calls By Brand was simultaneously using up to 6 different marketing automation tools to supply the company’s diverse marketing needs.

After getting set up with Phonexa, Calls By Brand saved two hours per day on manual labor by consolidating data from different platforms into one compact report for their clients.

In the first few months of operation, the company also shrunk its marketing spend by 30% because they no longer had to pay the usage and administrative fees for the different platforms. They centralized all of their marketing in one place, and that offered them the flexibility they required to succeed.

Saving 30% in marketing costs and nearly 40 hours a month in manual data entry has further allowed Calls By Brand to invest those funds into research and development projects to increase business impact down the line.


Automated Accounting That Drives Month-to-Month Results

To succeed in a dynamic and fast-paced business environment, Calls By Brand needed an accounting extension added to its marketing platform to automate payouts and billing options.

With Phonexa’s Books360, the company used its automated accounting platform to manage all accounting tasks in one place while also comparing campaign outcomes and tracking their cash flows from any given campaign.

Having easy access to an accounting dashboard integrated with the rest of their marketing strategy has saved the company anywhere from 20 to 40 hours of manual accounting work each month. This has allowed team members to focus on more critical tasks like converting leads and managing higher lead generation conversion rates.


Calls By Brand came to Phonexa with the need to achieve a more streamlined and efficient process for their call-centric business. With Phonexa, they tackled all of their pain points and reached top productivity by automating unnecessary manual work, cutting their marketing spend, and leveraging automated accounting within the same system.

Now, rather than navigating back and forth within a complicated tech stack, Calls By Brand is empowered to take care of all operations in one central location. As a result, the company has achieved the following:

  • Less manual work and more automated tasks
  • More time to convert leads to sales
  • Heightened conversion rate in sales
  • Complete dashboard visibility
  • Consolidated marketing efforts on a centralized system
  • Scalability and flexibility to increase leads and grow business volume
  • Custom APIs and a receptive customer success team

With a new and synchronized marketing automation that supports the company’s lead generation strategy, Calls By Brand now reallocates additional funds and focuses its efforts on research and development to fuel the company’s next stage of growth.

“The Phonexa platform fits us like a glove. In just a few short months, we’ve been able to reduce labor and focus our efforts on more influential aspects of the business.”

Frank Avilla, Vice President of Client Services at Calls By Brand

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