How a UK-Based Affiliate Network Boosted Conversions by 219%, Embraced GDPR & Increased Revenue by 437%

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Case Overview: The Need For Automation, Scalability & Better Reputation in the UK’s Financial Services Industry

Based in the United Kingdom, this industry-leading affiliate network connects publishers and advertisers in the financial services vertical by regularly handling, facilitating, and processing a high volume of leads and consumer data.

They came to Phonexa in 2018 with a list of operational pain points that needed to be resolved and replaced with efficient practices to help them scale their organizational capabilities.

The following use case details how the organization has leveraged Phonexa’s eight marketing automation solutions for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more to achieve efficient, seamless processes, higher revenue, increased conversion rates, and so much more.

Results At A Glance

  • 437% increased revenue*
  • 557% increase in emails opened*
  • 219% increased lead conversion*
  • *Results recorded over a four-year period since the affiliate network started using Phonexa in 2018.

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Automated Lead Data & Analytics to Boost Workflow Efficiency

Before discovering Phonexa, this network had an outdated and inefficient approach to analyzing and processing leads. Due to the lack of appropriate technology on tap, teams had to manually analyze and assess lead quality by downloading data in CSV files, ultimately elongating the lead buying, selling, and transfer process.

While in most circumstances, a personal touch is commendable, in this case, it lacked the time urgency that the lead generation industry demands, which introduced tremendous human error, took away the speed-to-contact element from lead transactions, and deprived the organization of its ability to scale the lead volume they process.

The Solution & Outcome

To mitigate the abovementioned issues, this affiliate network sought a system capable of automating the lead analytics process. They found that within LMS Sync, Phonexa’s lead tracking and distribution solution that instantly automated the process, from bidding to lead transfers, analytics, and more. Soon enough, the affiliate network gained access to lead details, facilitating more optimized decision-making on a given campaign and a larger scale.

With granular analytical data, this affiliate network has tapped into information derived from lead capturing, intelligent routing, and analytics, gaining more access to instantaneous, real-time reports that previously took them hours of manual work to generate.

With a new and refreshing approach to lead details, the affiliate network has embraced improved strategies to distinguish good traffic from bad, enhancing the network’s reputation and capabilities in the lead marketplace.

The company utilized Phonexa to scale operations with the capacity to process higher volumes of traffic with less manual effort, growing its impact and reach and increasing revenue by 437% since its adoption of Phonexa in 2018.


Leveraging Exclusive Data & Trends to Consult Key Players, Improve Industry Standards

Another issue this affiliate network faced before coming to Phonexa was the need to eliminate guesswork concerning the high volume of customer data points it regularly handles.

Soon after adopting Phonexa, the company realized that Phonexa wasn’t just going to help them strategize their campaigns better, but they learned that Phonexa’s actionable data and reports would help them shape better standards and practices in the overall industry across the United Kingdom and the European Union.

The Solution & Outcome

LMS Sync’s customizable configurations and detailed data reports have since armed this affiliate network with the tools to eliminate hypothetical planning, now with the ability to tap into tangible data to advise their networks on ongoing or previous trends in an effort for better predictability into strategize practices that drive favorable outcomes for businesses and consumers alike.

With access to deep lead data, the affiliate network has been able to identify industry trends and consult their clients — publishers and advertisers — with data-driven and tech-generated information beneficial for big-picture decision-making.

On a grand scale, they’ve used this approach to help publishers launch comprehensive campaigns, generate high-intent leads, and connect them with the appropriate advertisers, converting them into paying and returning customers.

These operational changes have collectively impacted and improved industry standards through the actual data the affiliate network can regularly access through Phonexa.


Tech Built to Support Consumer Protection Compliance

In 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect, requiring businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur within EU member states. The new protocol gave consumers more rights when asking companies about the personal information they hold, how that data is used, and how they can withdraw their consent by opting out. On the business side of things, GDPR introduced a gray area.

To enforce compliance in how the company handles consumer data while conducting email and outbound outreach, the affiliate network needed technology capable of managing opt-outs, data requests, and more in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Solution & Outcome

With Phonexa, the affiliate network was able to set prospect and customer permission levels, manage customers’ email preferences with easy unsubscribe options, and collect data that was only GDPR compliant.

By gaining a complete look at the consumer journey, the affiliate network has been able to see and disclose precisely where the customer’s data was collected, what steps were taken following lead generation, and details on the lead transfer itself.

Furthermore, with the test application functionality embedded within the Phonexa suite, the company has been able to identify whether there have been any data leaks, including the consumer information they withheld. This helped them proactively ensure data privacy and consumer data protection.

By automating the above three practices that actively protect consumer data and mitigate penalties, the affiliate network has ensured transparent, seamless consumer compliance in its data collection and retention practices.


Going Beyond Lead Management & Distribution With Affiliate Links, Emails & Automated Accounting

Once they could organize their new lead management flows and processes, the affiliate network knew that to scale their business and enable more support for their clients and networks; they needed additional tools to help them run more efficient campaigns and ensure the utmost communication, clarity, and payouts.

The Solution & Outcome

That's where Lynx, E-Delivery, and Books360 came into play.

The affiliate network managed all affiliate traffic in one portal by merging and leveraging the functionalities within Lynx, Phonexa’s click tracking solution. Upon implementing Lynx, the affiliate network could track offers and traffic, measure clicks and conversions, and analyze affiliate performance in real-time. Real-time analytics allowed improvements to be made to customer outreach processes, including using accurate data — rather than hypothetical data — to uncover new revenue opportunities when making follow-up calls.

With E-Delivery, Phonexa’s email and SMS marketing platform, the affiliate network’s processes are now automated and fully compliant with consumer protection regulations. The affiliate network can now split-test every marketing campaign and use the most effective creatives for future outreach. With automated processes that facilitate continuous improvement in the inbox, the affiliate network increased its email open rates by 556%, delivering three times more emails to consumers.

The affiliate network also streamlined its payout process by implementing Books360, Phonexa’s automated accounting system. Automated invoicing and up-to-date payment notifications allow the network’s affiliates to check their commissions in real-time, thus saving time and eliminating the potential for human error. The affiliate network no longer has to worry about invoicing — affiliates can log into the system to review their payouts at any time.

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