How USAmeriCare Leveraged Phonexa's Lead Disposition to Find New Insurance Publishers & Market to More SQLs

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Case Overview: The Brand, the Problem, the Solution at a Glance

USAmeriCare is a Florida-based insurance firm with hundreds of insurance sales agents operating across the nation. The company specializes in underwriting policies for life insurance, final expense, and medicare coverage – just to name a few.

James Cates, USAmeriCare’s founder, came to Phonexa with a dream and vision to expand business across new objectives by providing his agents with high-intent, sales-qualified leads. With Phonexa’s onboarding and tech teams, Cates built and automated his entire marketing vision of a system that acts as a gatekeeper between unqualified insurance leads and conversion-ready prospects.

While Cates came in with a plan to build out automated marketing strategies for his firm, Phonexa’s detailed lead management dashboard helped uncover an issue of deep complexity that continues to be fundamental neglect industry-wide.

USAmeriCare’s most valuable findings involved lead dispositioning, identifying underqualified or re-marketed leads, and creating lead re-engagement campaigns to make the best out of every sales opportunity.

Since then, USAmeriCare has utilized Phonexa’s suite of lead management solutions and centralized dashboard to innovate and overcome operational challenges.

Results At A Glance

  • Exploring new publisher sources and sales opportunities
  • Less money spent on purchasing low-quality and low-intent leads
  • A streamlined validation, rejection, and disposition sequence
  • New engagement and re-engagement campaigns with 24 client touchpoints through high-intent drip marketing campaigns

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Finding New Publisher Sources to Purchase Niche Insurance Leads

USAmeriCare came to Phonexa with hopes to expand its business model from general health and life insurance into underwriting more policies in areas like final expense and Medicare coverage.

When the USAmeriCare team started using the Phonexa platform, their experience with lead buying and selling had been uneventful at best. They had previously generated leads through PPC ads and by directly purchasing leads from various sources, but all of those efforts yielded little to no growth for the agency.

However, using Phonexa’s vast network of publishers enabled USAmeriCare to work with and explore new possibilities and sources that would allow them to scale their marketing and offerings into new insurance coverage areas.

This has taken a collaborative effort between USAmeriCare and various members of Phonexa’s onboarding and revenue teams. And while the final results of this expansion have yet to be shown, Cates and his team have built out the right processing and flows to begin handling a higher volume of leads once more publishers are discovered.

Teams on both fronts are actively working to widen the publisher network and vet the most qualified sources to support and supply USAmeriCare’s growing needs for high-intent leads for the final expense and Medicare insurance arenas.


Validating, Rejecting, or Dispositioning Underqualified and Old Leads

Similar to other insurance firms purchasing leads, USAmeriCare needed to ensure that every single lead coming through the pipeline matched the quality standards they had put in place for the types of consumers the firm targeted.

With LMS Sync — Phonexa’s lead tracking and distribution system — USAmeriCare has been able to identify faulty leads in the validation process, send disposition notifications to the publishers on the quality of the leads, and reject leads, wherever they lacked quality or intent.


During that three-step sequence, Cates and his team uncovered that the quality and volume of insurance leads, specifically in their coverage areas, are super low. They further understood that they often were offered the same leads through different publishers, and these leads often came to them multiple times.

This hinted that many of these leads were recycled and in the pipeline for many weeks before being pinged to USAmeriCare, losing the speed-to-contact factor.

But the system notifications within LMS Sync alleviated the issue with built-in notifications alerting USAmeriCare’s system administrators every time duplicate leads came through the pipeline.

With these insights, the company now utilizes lead rejection functionalities to send back old, underqualified leads or leads that have been marketed to them before.

This has saved them countless investments into purchasing leads that do not meet their standards or do not have conversion potential.


New Engagement, Re-engagement Strategies, and Customer Touchpoints Through E-Delivery

While USAmeriCare worked with Phonexa’s onboarding, customer success, and tech teams to build out Cates’ vision and find qualified lead sources for the new coverage areas he wanted to grow towards, other teams created new marketing strategies to maximize the experience with each customer or lead.

Cates used Phonexa to create a comprehensive and detailed lead communication strategy that secures 24 touchpoints and conversion opportunities for a given interested lead.

They took advantage of Phonexa’s email and SMS marketing solution in E-Delivery to pre-plan and launch email and SMS communications with a given lead.

With a 24-touchpoint engagement and re-engagement strategy, USAmeriCare has executed a well-thought-out and comprehensive drip marketing campaign that ensures more client encounters and more eyes on the brand's offerings.

These efforts will maximize the customer journey with the brand through educational and engaging content.

USAmeriCare’s Future With Phonexa

Cates and USAmeriCare continue to work closely with team members across Phonexa onboarding, customer success, and technology teams to find more qualified publishers and to fill their sales pipeline with high-quality and high-intent consumer data.

While there’s a long way to go before all of Cates’ goals around lead volume are realized, Cates and his team are happy and excited about building the digital foundation for a very successful operation shift for his organization.

“I am a dreamer of possibilities, and Tori Hester, our onboarding specialist, has always provided direction to a resolution. In 30+ years in the insurance industry, I have never worked with a more robust offering of marketing automation. And, never in 30+ years have I had the pleasure of working with someone like Tori. She has become a ‘long-term’ member of the USAmeriCare team, and we refuse to work with any other. Tori is embedded within USAmeriCare's programming long-term, is needed, necessary, and greatly appreciated! Our team meetings are always about possibilities, and Phonexa is the center for all things possible. USAmeriCare brings eight separate, independent programs into Phonexa for accountability, the accuracy of processing, and accurate reporting. No program delivers 100% complete in and for all requests, but Phonexa is as close as I can get. The will and effort to provide and satisfy a client is unsurpassed!”

James Cates
President | USAmeriCare

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