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Phonexa Wins Multiple AVA Digital Awards for YouTube Ads

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1 minutes read

Phonexa, the all-in-one platform for tracking web and call campaigns, has won multiple AVA Digital Awards for the YouTube ad campaign “The Unofficial History of Innovation,” continuing a streak of awards and positive press for the commercial videos that poke fun at seminal moments of technological advancement.

Phonexa took home Platinum AVA Digital Awards in the Writing and YouTube categories for the 1970s Silicon Valley-set commercial, “The Startup,” while also winning in the Ad Campaign category for the three-commercial campaign—”The Unofficial History of Innovation.”

The AVA Digital Awards recognize excellent work by creative professionals who conceive, plan, and execute digital marketing and communications. Entries are judged at random by members of the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. Platinum Awards are given to the highest-scoring entries in each category.

Regarding the awards for “The Startup” commercial and “The Unofficial History of Innovation” campaign, Phonexa’s Founder and President David Gasparyan said the following: “We are thrilled to continue to receive recognition for our creative marketing efforts. Phonexa is a company built on innovation, so it is only fitting that we would receive these AVA Digital Awards for our ad campaign that highlights major technology leaps over time.”

View “The Startup” here.

View “The Unofficial History of Innovation” campaign here.

For a full list of AVA Digital Platinum Award winners, click here.

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