Affiliate Tracking & Marketing Software

Stay ahead of the competition by using a white-label affiliate software. Set yourself up for success with comprehensive click tracking capabilities and solutions.
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Affiliate Software That Boosts Total Revenue

Track digital sales, measure impressions, and manage your affiliate’s progress, conversion rates, and campaign ROI under one dynamic dashboard.

Tap Into Automated Commissions & Quick Payouts

Never miss a payment with our affiliate tracking software. Create your own commission structures to compensate affiliates on time by using instant insights and reports on payments, payouts, and overall performance.

Get Granular & Watch Clicks Every Step of the Way

Get started with a platform that supports all areas of your affiliate marketing business. Real-time reports on campaign performance, analytics on clicks and conversion approvals provide opportunities to boost your earnings.

Prevent Fraud & Protect Your Partner Campaigns

Trusted by advertisers and publishers in diverse industries, Phonexa’s affiliate tracking software enables users to detect and eliminate fraudulent or repeat clicks from web campaigns. Backed by a robust data security and protection policy and SOC 2 Type 1 & 2 certification, Phonexa provides all you need to establish safe campaigns.

Drive Traffic & Attract the Right Audience to Your Site

Utilize internal metrics to track all of your digital sales produced by affiliates and base future campaigns on purchase trends and analytics that measure the effectiveness of your partnerships and investments.

Your Affiliate Marketing Program’s Success is Our Mission

Create an affiliate program you’re proud of, and we’ll supply you with the rest.

  • •   Integration support
  • •   Real-time reporting
  • •   Interactive dashboard
  • •   Analytical performance insights
  • •   Higher revenue margins
  • •   24/7 support team
  • •   Data protection
Powerful alone. Better together.

Click “Build My Plan” to discover which Phonexa solution best scales with your business, and identify the product in our marketing automation suite that complements your strategy.

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Affiliate Marketing Software FAQs

What is affiliate marketing software?

Affiliate marketing software is a bundle of products and features that allows advertisers to grow, track, and manage affiliate marketing programs. It is highlighted by click tracking (Lynx), lead management software (LMS Sync), and other leading products within Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more.

What features and functionalities does affiliate marketing software offer?

Our affiliate marketing solution highlights a dynamic set of features and functionalities you can use to benefit your affiliate program. Call and lead tracking through web clicks, journey control, precise targeting, dashboard overview, and customizable lead management tools are among some of the most helpful tools that can boost the outcome of your campaigns.

How does affiliate marketing software drive revenue?

Affiliate marketing software helps manage clicks and lead data by providing granular analytics that shows performance, conversions, and other key metrics that allow businesses to make predictions and scale appropriately.

How do I know if I need affiliate marketing software?

If your company is engaged in any form of web lead generation through affiliate partnerships, a proper affiliate marketing software is everything that you need to manage and track every single web lead and click that appears on your lead dashboard. When working with affiliates, it’s imperative that you get a complete overview of how your total affiliate clicks are generated.

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