Ping Post Caps, Third-Party Validations: July 2023 Product Updates

Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
2 minutes read
Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
2 minutes read

Phonexa’s tech team has been working hard, innovating and building custom solutions across our products to optimise and power your performance marketing automation campaigns.

Here are just some of the new features and improvements for the month of July across our suite of products.

And make sure to watch the library of instructional step-by-step videos produced by Phonexa’s Technical Onboarding Director, Tori Hester, on how to implement recent updates.

LMS Sync & Call Logic Updates

Campaigns: Cap on Ping for Ping Post Products

Exciting update! Ping post products now come with a cap on pings, providing you with better control and enhanced data processing.

On the Schedule tab of the Campaign, there is a new field for “Daily Ping Leads Limit” and another section in Restrictions to limit the number of pings in minutes if you need more granularity.

Product Builder: New ‘Manage Filters’ Tab

If you build custom products within your instance, after adding many fields, you might be wondering if you remembered to add the filters to the necessary fields. We added a new tab for “Manage Filters” so you can easily see all extra fields that have filters available.

Prepaid Buyers: Cap for Auto Recharge

For Prepaid Buyers, we added two new fields to the Auto Recharge tab – “Recharge Cap” and “Cap Period” in order to have more control over funds replenishment.

Prepaid Buyers: New ‘Billing Activity’ Tab

More love for prepaid buyers! Now we have a “Billing Activity” tab located on the buyer where you can see all activity for lead purchases and balance replenishment.

Form Builder: Third-Party Validations

We added third-party services to our Form Builder!

You can now add validations for 10 different third-party services such as phone, email, and zip code. To enable it, go to your form, edit the desired field, then click on “Third Party Validation Settings” and choose the applicable third-party service.

Lead Details and Call Details Reports: Pin to Left


So … you’re in “Lead Details,” and you are scrolling to the right to see more columns and really wish you could still see the lead ID on the left – we got you! We have a new functionality for “Pin to Left” that allows you to pin a column to keep it visible while scrolling to the right. This feature works for all columns in “Lead Details” and “Call Details.”

Tracking Log Improvement

The Tracking Log shows results for webhooks and other tracking events you have configured in your Instance. We’ve added new tabs for “LMS Events” and “Call Logic Events” to help you focus on specific events.

Phone Number Pool Routing

New report! If you have ping post calls set up, you most likely use a Tracking Pool to route calls. We created a new report to give more visibility into numbers that were issued from the Tracking Pool.

Simply go to Analytics and Optimisation > Phone Number Pool Routing and choose the desired date range.

Tracking Pool Enhancement

One purpose of the Tracking Pool is to issue a phone number to track the call.

In cases where the publisher sends the real consumer phone number, you can use a default number from the pool rather than reserving a new number. Go to the Tracking Pool, then click on Call Settings and change “Optimise pool numbers usage” to Yes.


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Liana Tonoyan avatar
Liana Tonoyan
Chief Information Officer
Liana Tonoyan is the Chief Information Officer at Phonexa. She oversees the operational and technical sides of the business for the all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more. Liana works closely with the company's leadership to set and drive organisational vision and technical strategy, all while ensuring effective implementation for goals and objectives. Liana has extensive experience across online marketing and lead generation industries throughout her career. She’s previously worked at KPMG, where she managed the operations department and worked closely with C-level staff.
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