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Victoria Berezhetska

The Importance of Automating Business Communications
Manage the flow of internal and external business communications with engaging information and communication tactics that compel...
9 minutes read
The Power of Call Tracking: Amplifying the Value of Marketing Leads...
Utilise phone tracking software that is helpful for sales growth to gain more insights into phone conversations and interactions...
3 minutes read
How To Uncover New Marketing Avenues Through Call Recording Analysis
Looking to boost conversion rates and enhance customer experience? Learn how Phonexa’s call recording software can help you...
5 minutes read
8 Reasons Agencies Should Use a White Label Lead Management Software
Lead generation could often be missing a white label solution in an agency’s brand strategy. Learn how to leverage a solution you...
4 minutes read
Ways to Improve Affiliate Marketing Lead Generation
Learn how affiliate marketing can help you enhance your lead generation tactics and generate more affiliate leads.
4 minutes read
Cost of an Angry Caller: How to Train Customer Care on Handling Angry...
Wondering how to de-escalate an angry customer whose dissatisfaction has hit all-time highs? Here’s what you need to do when an...
10 minutes read
The Essential Connection Between Call Tracking and Marketing Analytics
Learn why utilizing a call tracking marketing solution is critical to revenue growth and the scalability of your business.
4 minutes read
Strategic Solutions: How Digital Agencies Benefit from White Label...
With white label call tracking solutions, businesses have an opportunity to practice more effective marketing and benefit with...
3 minutes read
The True Value of Vanity Phone Numbers
For those seeking a competitive edge, vanity numbers are a must.
4 minutes read
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