7 Industries That Need To Leverage Call Tracking

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5 minutes read

Phone calls have always been the driving force behind commerce. With the pandemic, the way businesses and people communicate transformed dramatically.

Under normal circumstances, consumers wouldn’t opt for voice or video calls. However, the good old humble voice call made a comeback during the pandemic. So, individuals and enterprises now experience the phenomenon referred to as “calling like never before.” According to the Times, the number of regular calls increased by 35%, and wireless calls almost doubled.

While consumers typically start their journey online, they tend to finalize the transactions over the phone. It is only natural since in-person visits are still out of the question in parts of the world. As for businesses, they tend to focus even more on paid search campaigns, which, in turn, drive calls. That is why it is crucial for enterprises to learn about the origin of these calls and attribute them to individual marketing initiatives. That’s when call tracking providers come into play.

Is Call Tracking A Secret Formula For Success?

The risk of losing call conversions is always there. And it leaves us with the question: Is there a way for enterprises to find that winning formula?

It is no secret that leveraging intelligence gained from phone calls can help businesses adapt to the ever-changing consumer behavior, make in-flight optimizations, and deliver frictionless experiences to customers. Yet, the call channel remains a blind spot for many companies.

A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper revealed that more than 80% of surveyed enterprises admitted that the lack of intelligence from phone calls negatively affects their marketing results. But with the help of call tracking companies, marketers can gain access to the ROI metrics, like customer acquisition cost (CAC), that uncover the immediate marketing impact of their campaigns.

As enterprises across different industries begin to recognize the value the calls bring, they start wondering where they fit in and whether call tracking is a good fit for their niche.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 7 industries that have much to gain from call tracking.

#1. Insurance

Trust is the foundation of the powerful bond between carriers and policy holders. Without it, agencies, insurance providers, and agents have no chance of connecting with consumers and selling more policies.

More often than not, calls are used to bridge the gap between carriers and consumers. Conversation intelligence is an excellent choice to make the most of this person-to-person interaction. It can help insurance companies identify cost-effective channels, optimize the lead acquisition process, handle insurance leads, identify development opportunities, and gain actionable insights.

#2. Home Services

Home service professionals are always in the field speaking to сustomers and assessing project objectives or deliverables. But let’s face it: recommendations and calls mainly keep companies in this business. That is why they need to gain the maximum value from their marketing practices and personal communications.

Let’s look at solar providers, for instance. They used to generate leads mainly through telemarketing and old-fashioned door-knocking. Today, these methods are no longer relevant or efficient. Meanwhile, the demand for solar technology keeps increasing — around 18.9 million households can be powered by the current U.S. solar capacity.

Here’s the deal: leads mean installment opportunities. Turning to call tracking can help home service businesses efficiently manage calls, identify the top-performing campaigns, optimize their marketing spending, and even review the state-by-state comparisons. Ultimately, the software is flexible and can be available on the go. And that is exactly what home service professionals need to stay on top of things.

home service

#3. Legal

There’s no denying that stakes are high for legal firms. The competition is fierce, to say the least, and advertising is beyond expensive. Smart spending, in-depth insights into ad campaigns, and high-quality leads can transform legal firms in a matter of days.

Law practice is all about attention to detail. With the clarity that lead gen and call tracking offer, firms can pinpoint the top-performing keywords or ad units, analyze every incoming call, and follow every prospect’s journey closely.

#4. Real Estate

Real estate marketing is a tough game to play. Realtors and agents need to tackle day-to-day tasks while keeping their renters engaged, closing as many deals as possible, and communicating with potential buyers.

And while real estate marketers are no strangers to multitasking, they have to do a lot of research, investigate buyers’ backgrounds, and regularly provide guidance to clients. That is why it is crucial for them to understand which marketing initiatives are worth their time, effort, and money.

With conversation intelligence and call tracking, they won’t miss a single important detail, a call, or a message.

#5. Hospitality

Revealing costly blind spots is why most enterprises are interested in gaining insights from calls and consumer call experiences. Hospitality is one of the top 10 industries leveraging phone calls, according to Forrester Consulting. It comes as no surprise since phone calls have always been the most critical stage of the hospitality and travel sales funnel.

Leveraging call tracking allows hospitality companies to accomplish four major goals:

  1. Identifying missed calls driven by paid ads
  2. Attracting more clients
  3. Decreasing CPL
  4. Enhancing customer service

As for the hospitality consumers, they are the most determined group when it comes to making calls. And catering to travelers is the ultimate objective of every company in this line of business. That is why one-on-one conversations about booking arrangements or international travel are the day-to-day attributes of the industry representative’s work.

#6. SaaS

SaaS companies typically have complicated sales cycles, metrics, and models, not to mention numerous points of customer contact.

Let’s say that a business considers purchasing a SaaS subscription. But since there are several touchpoints, it is only logical that at least one phone call will be integrated tightly into the process. Conversations with clients are the cornerstone of this industry. So, it is not uncommon for consumers to have a long list of questions that can’t be answered online. As a matter of fact, that is also true of digital marketing companies.

Call tracking can empower SaaS companies to cultivate sales and call experience and enable them to keep a close watch on customer contact points.

#7. Healthcare

One of the best-known and evergreen house call industries is healthcare. And let’s face it: there is no denying that conversation analytics is fundamental to the success of healthcare businesses. However, health service providers tend to choose all types of software carefully because of sensitive client data they need to store and encrypt.

Incoming calls, in this case, represent crucial opportunities for providers to sell their services. That is why call routing and IVR, among other features, can do wonders for healthcare sales reps. Besides, clients often have questions about upcoming appointments, screenings, insurance, or emergency visits. Call tracking is a force of progress and evolution when it comes to modern health services.

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