The 5 Biggest Problems Solved by Call Tracking

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4 minutes read

For marketers seeking to improve their knowledge and find greater success, the smartest course of action will always be for them to face their biggest problems head on. This is a truth that has been known by discerning minds for, well, centuries. In fact, one of the greatest writers of all time—William Shakespeare—offers a quote in Henry VI echoing that exact same sentiment: “”Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.”

It may seem far-fetched for digital marketers to heed advice from a playwright who died over 400 years ago, but there really is great value in marketers embracing “sour adversity.” Finding solutions to your biggest problems not only will you help your business run better, but you’ll likely also gain valuable insights into your industry and earn an edge over your competitors. For many, the solutions to their biggest marketing challenges can be found by utilising the right call tracking platform. Here are the ways that call tracking helps marketers embrace and defuse the issues that plague them.

1. Proving Marketing ROI

According to a State of Inbound report, beyond “lead generation,” the greatest challenge that marketers face is “Proving the ROI of our marketing activities.” In-house marketers need to prove their ROI to justify budget spends while entrepreneurs need to know their ROI so they can understand their expected revenue. Of course, the most important reason it is imperative to know your marketing ROI is so that you can improve your marketing ROI—thus creating conditions for growth.

Call tracking exists to help marketers solve this problem. Utilising a call tracking platform, you will be able to get powerful insights into how much your marketing investments are paying off. The right call tracking software will also collect valuable data on all your calls and give you the sophisticated reporting you need to not only know your ROI, but dramatically improve it.

2. Understanding Campaign Attribution

In addition to wanting to know your overall ROI, another concern that can frustrate marketers is judging the relative success of individual marketing campaigns. It can be difficult to plan your next big campaign without a clear picture of how your last campaign performed. Fortunately, call tracking software gives you the opportunity to get exceptionally detailed reporting on every campaign you launch.

With call tracking software, you can get a bird’s eye view of all your calls and campaigns. You’ll know how many calls each campaign produced, and how many of those calls converted. You will also be able to unlock and demystify all your data thanks to call analytics, which thoughtfully condenses and organises all your campaign data into easy-to-read reports, allowing you to closely judge each campaign’s performance.

3. Finding Data Blind Spots

Every business is forced to grapple with knowledge gaps in their business—but call tracking software helps you aggressively close those gaps by giving marketers get a more complete picture of their strategies in action.

The best call tracking software offers marketers granular reporting like being able to see more than just whether a call was accepted or rejected—but also details as to why. Call recording can give you access to conversations between callers and representatives so you can identify problem areas or learn what works best.

Plus, automatic reporting via call analytics means that you can have easy access to the data reports that are most important for your business. Time can often be wasted transferring call data into reports and graphs that help you identify trends. With automatic reporting the work is done for you, allowing more time and energy to be spent on planning your next campaign. 

4. Improving Lead Quality

One issue that can often vex marketers is dealing with low-quality leads. If your business suffers from too many calls from leads that are highly unlikely to convert, then using a filtration system through a call tracking platform could be the answer. There are many benefits that come with using a sophisticated filtration system—not only are you able to pre-emptively screen out most bad leads, but you can also create and edit your own filters for maximum flexibility. 

5. Optimising Your Business

The cumulative benefit of tackling all these problems is that it will also help you take on one simple but persistent concern that every marketer is faced with: “How can I optimise my marketing strategy?”

To that end, call tracking assists in many ways. With an accurate understanding of your ROI, you can build a better budget. Getting granular reporting on your campaigns can help you streamline your sales funnel and more effectively target your prospects. Automatic reporting will save you and your team time, allowing you to pay more attention to more complex issues.

The benefits of using call tracking to tackle your most difficult problems are self-evident. There’s little doubt as to why wise men might say it’s “the wisest course.”

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