The Necessity of Call Tracking and Analytics

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If you are business, you know that calls are a vital part of your success. In the United Kingdom, a prodigious 94% of adults use mobile phones. Most of these are smart phones, with just about half owning some version of the iPhone and just under 30% owning a Samsung product. The writing on the wall is abundantly clear—if you want to connect with a wide audience, you need to be equipped to manage your inbound calls.

Many of the calls that reach a business are going to be the result of “click-to-call” functionality. This allows mobile users to search for a business and get instantly connected with the push of a button on their mobile screen that will dial the business number.

Determining what marketing efforts impel a lead to make that call will offer tremendous insight into your marketing strategy. This can be accomplished with call tracking and analytics.

Why Call Tracking is a Necessity for Businesses 

Identify Attribution

When your business invests pounds into specific marketing strategies, it is imperative that you take steps to measure the success of those strategies, which can be done by determining your attribution. Your marketing attribution is connecting your incoming calls to the marketing effort that drove the calls.

Call tracking is the effective way your business can get detailed insights into all your marketing attribution. It lets you separate out which calls came from leads who found the number on your website to other leads who may have dialled your number by clicking a click-to-call button in a mobile ad.

Plus, call tracking lets you track your attribution in real-time, giving you an opportunity to adjust your campaigns “as they happen” so they can be optimised for success. Say you notice that a campaign targeting Greater London residents is performing very well while your Manchester campaign is underperforming—you can shift resources from targeting Manchester to Greater London so that you can have a maximum impact where you are already finding success. That’s the power of call tracking.

Improve Service

Another reason why call tracking is indispensable is because of the digital tools that allow you to raise the level of customer service provided to your incoming calls. Utilising an automatic call distributor gives your business the ability to route calls as they come in to the department or call centre that can best service the needs of the caller. This helps cut down on frustrating wait times and ensures that callers are connected quicker—ultimately creating a more pleasant experience.

Your call representative performance can also be helped by taking advantage of the call recording tool. With call recording, select calls can be recorded and stored so that you have a better idea of how conversions occur (or if they do not convert, an explanation as to why).

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Call tracking does more than just help marketers understand how their campaigns are performing—it also provides them with granular insight into all their call leads down to the details of when a call took place, how long it lasted, and where the caller is located. These data points and others can be analysed and studied using call analytics.

With call analytics, you can get a comprehensive understanding of your marketing and your inbound calls, like seeing which keywords are most effective or which destinations are receiving the most calls.

You can take the power of analytics a step further with predictive modelling. A standout feature from Phonexa, predictive modelling creates a visual analysis of your call data and helps you forecast how changes to your campaigns would impact future lead generation efforts and revenue. Using this advanced feature, you can find answers to pressing questions regarding your marketing strategy—giving you the necessary insight your business needs to reach new levels of success.

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