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8 Reasons Agencies Should Use a White Label Lead Management Software

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What do you need to keep your business going?

It’s safe to say that every enterprise is looking to drive leads, scale profits, and land new clients. While keeping clients happy and boosting sales remain critical tasks, digital agencies often struggle when dealing with lead generation.

If you’re in the digital marketing space and lead generation industry, how do you know where to start and how to maximise the value of your service?

Today, it’s crucial for marketing agencies to utilise the right automation tool that can ensure operational efficiency and help them grow their business. That’s why many startups and marketers are looking to employ white label solutions.

It’s no secret that digital agencies strive tirelessly to supply effective and captivating products. That’s why they work relentlessly to come up with various tools and solutions, including lead generation services.

But let’s face it – there are only so many products one agency can create, support, and improve.

With white label software products at hand, agencies can scale their efforts, extend their offerings, acquire new customers, and much more.

Let’s explore in more detail why lead generation is often missing a white label solution in an agency’s brand strategy, and how to leverage it.

What is a White Label LMS Software?

A standard lead management system (LMS) allows digital marketers to monitor all channels and gather granular information on the performance of lead generation campaigns. Phonexa’s LMS Sync, for instance, is designed to facilitate and automate the process of distribution, strategy recalibration, campaign creation, and much more.

When it comes to white label lead generation software, it can be used by an advertising agency or any other digital agency looking to offer lead gen services to customers.

How does it work? Agencies partner with the white label software provider to use its system for a monthly or annual fee. Some white label service providers also handle tasks like database research and outreach.

For instance, Company A, a white label software provider, sells software geared toward lead management for agencies to Company B, a digital agency. Then, Company B rebrands and resells this software with its logo to Company C.

Simply put, agencies get to rent or lease ready-built solutions without the need to create brand new in-house products. Such solutions serve as an add-on package for the range of current services a company offers.

Capabilities of White Label Services

Agencies often look for white label LMS platforms that can help them tackle issues their customers face and maximise the value of driven leads.

With a white label LMS platform from Phonexa, your customers can leverage automated lead sorting and filtering, turn declined leads into a new revenue source, ensure that every prospect and lead is accounted for, and get a firm grasp on their ROI.

Advantages for Agencies

Ultimately, white label lead distribution for agencies offers numerous benefits, including a possibility of instant rollout and an expanded product portfolio. But that’s hardly a complete list. Let’s take a closer look at the other benefits white labelling offers – here’s a list of undeniable advantages of partnering with a white label lead management software provider.

Boost Brand Awareness Without Hassle

Apart from brand memorability, small businesses, startups, and large enterprises also focus on strengthening and empowering their company through improving products, introducing new solutions, and enhancing their business capacity. Naturally, it requires time, effort, and money.

With white label products, companies don’t have to go through the hassle of developing a solution from the ground up. In fact, all they need to do is rebrand the solution.

Elevate the Value of Your Marketing

White label lead generation solutions are geared toward helping customers tie leads to specific initiatives, tap into the attributed data, and assess the generated revenue.

Ensure Meticulous Lead Tracking

The value of your agency’s work is typically tied to the number and quality of delivered leads. With a white label LMS platform, you can keep track of every prospect and lead in your funnel.

Propel ROI Generation

When agencies employ a white label solution, they have more time to plan customer outreach, scale their pipeline, set their pricing plans, and acquire clients. They not only get to save effort and money but also generate ROI faster.

Take Pressure Off Your Team

When your company develops a product, your employees have to deal with all the issues like fixing bugs and malfunctions. Employing white label solutions allows you to focus on handling customers and boosting their loyalty.

Visualise Future Growth

With a white label LMS solution from Phonexa, customers can leverage predictive modelling to show various outcomes of active lead generation campaigns and predict the potential success of expanding them into new states or GEOs.

Enhance Brand Consistency

White labelling allows agencies to give their clientele a seamless look and feel across all product features and communication channels.

Improve Client Retention

High-quality leads make for happy and loyal clients. Employing a white label LMS solution empowers agencies to show their clients the value of driven leads and encourages them to stay for good.

Schedule a consultation with one of Phonexa’s experts to explore how you can empower your brand and expand your product portfolio with white label LMS software.

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