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Phonexa Spoofs Famous “Katie Couric” Internet Moment in Final Ad of Campaign

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1 minutes read

Phonexa, a SaaS platform for tracking web and call campaigns, has released a new commercial, the third in a campaign, that draws inspiration from a famous Today Show moment in 1994. The commercial is called “The Internet” and features a morning show news team in the 1990s debating the existence of the then-new internet—all making the point of how important it is for businesses to stay current with technological trends.

The Phonexa ad is comprised of three digital elements: the first is a manufactured found footage clip titled “What is the Internet?” that shows two befuddled news anchors interrogating their producer about the show’s new website. Its companion is the shorter commercial, “The Internet,” which condenses the found footage clip into a pointed message from Phonexa.

The ad’s third element is interactive: a built 1990s website – – for the fictional morning show Rise & Wake Up! The throwback website offers visitors the chance to click around in a Geocities-reminiscent web wonderland. All three elements call to mind a time when the internet was something new and uncertain, an almost unrecognizable era in our current age of ubiquitous Wi-Fi, smartphones, and cloud-based software.

The 1990s-inspired website and commercial videos cap off Phonexa’s “Unofficial History of Innovation” ad campaign, a three-part commercial series that uses technological milestones in different time periods to highlight Phonexa’s own trailblazing SaaS solutions that help marketers track web and call campaigns.

The first commercial released was “The Telephone,” which offered a look at two acquaintances in 1876 wrapping their heads around Alexander Graham Bell’s new invention. Released second was “The Startup“—a frenetic look at two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in the 1970s who almost created some of the biggest tech companies of today.

Regarding the campaign, Phonexa President David Gasparyan explained: “As a company, we are always innovating and looking ahead. Each of these ads shows the importance of keeping your business current with the latest technology, and our team did this while showcasing our company’s great humor and creativity.”

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