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Phonexa Spearheads Holiday Giving Challenge to Support the Alex Theatre

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2 minutes read

Phonexa, a tech firm based in Glendale, CA, is announcing an initiative to help support the city’s historic Alex Theatre, which has entertained residents since 1925 but has been forced to close its doors to live performances and audiences this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The effort represents a century-spanning partnership between local businesses and the arts, a bond that—this year—is under more stress than ever.

The Alex has been a world-class performing arts venue and the brilliant cultural center of the city of Glendale for 95 years, but 2020 is shaping up to be the most challenging one yet—without regular revenue from shows and events the Alex Theatre is facing an uncertain future.

Tracking and analytics software company Phonexa has chosen this moment to lend their support to the Alex and amplify their call for assistance. While the Alex Theatre promotes a “Wishing Wall” on its closed front gates from December 7th to January 8th, Phonexa will be getting the word out about the theatre’s precarious circumstances and encouraging other local businesses to join them in keeping the venue afloat until its doors can reopen.

In honor of the theatre’s founding year, Phonexa is urging local tech firms to join them in pledging $1,925 to Glendale Arts, the managing entity that keeps the Alex Theatre operational and filled with a wide variety of arts and entertainment. Phonexa will also be actively inviting other local small businesses and residents to make their own “1925” contributions, with amounts that can range from $1,925 to $19.25.

“Support of the Alex Theatre should extend well past Glendale’s city limits. The arts are struggling now more than ever, and all industries should step up to support them, including business and tech. With continued support, we can all hope the Alex Theatre will be a place for all of us to return to and celebrate when COVID-19 is less of a threat,” said David Gasparyan, President and CEO of Phonexa.

Those who wish to contribute or learn more can do so at this link.

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