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Phonexa Doubles Down On Customer Growth & Success With Trio Of Promotions

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2 minutes read

Phonexa is in the midst of doubling down on customer growth and acquisition, and to further enable those efforts, all while making customer success even more of a priority, the performance marketing automation platform reinforced its C-suite by promoting Chelsey Reynolds to Chief Experience Officer (CXO).

Phonexa also announced a pair of corresponding moves, promoting Tori Hester – formerly Technical Onboarding Director – to Vice President of Onboarding and Sara Vinson – previously a Customer Success Manager – to Director of Customer Success.

Reynolds – formerly the Vice President of Onboarding & Customer Success – will ensure that the overall experience of Phonexa’s customers is aligned with the company’s goals and values and is positive and consistent with its already renowned reviews. 

“Our customer success department consistently is awarded with exemplary honours from the likes of G2, Capterra, and beyond, and the series of promotions are designed to bolster the already-exceptional department as they tend to all of our client needs,” said Phonexa CEO Lilit Davtyan. 

“Chelsey’s unwavering work ethic has earned her a seat in the C-Suite because she’s displayed nothing short of excellence in her performance, dedication to her team, and utmost commitment to the company’s growth and success. Tori and Sara have both also grown to be pivotal parts of the team, and I couldn’t be more proud of the triad for the leadership they’ve displayed and will continue to demonstrate across customer experiences.”

Phonexa’s staff now features a diverse team of award-winning executives. From its 14-person global C-level, 12 of Phonexa’s executives are women or from ethnic minorities.

“I am truly humbled by the trust and confidence Phonexa founder David Gasparyan and Lilit, as well as my colleagues, have placed in me,” said Reynolds. “As CXO, I am taking on a responsibility that I hold very dear to my heart. Our customers are the lifeblood of Phonexa, and their satisfaction and success are at the forefront of my priorities. I am deeply committed to ensuring that every interaction, touchpoint, and experience they have across the buyer’s journey continues to exceed expectations.”

Phonexa’s 200-plus person global staff features a 24/7 customer success team that consistently gets honoured with “Best Support” accolades, among other categories, from G2 every quarter.

“I am beyond excited to begin my new journey at Phonexa,” said Hester. “It is a privilege to work with such a great team, and I look forward to watching everyone grow as the company continues to flourish.”

“I am proud to embark on this new journey in leading the customer success team,” said Vinson. “This is an incredible opportunity for growth, and I’m honoured Phonexa has trusted me to lead this team of amazing colleagues.”

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