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Phonexa Devours Opportunity to Support Local Culture at Taste Walk Glendale

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Phonexa, a B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions provider based in Glendale, California, is thrilled to announce its sponsorship and participation in Taste Walk Glendale 2019.

Taking place on May 1st on Brand Boulevard, Glendale Taste Walk is an evening of culinary celebration when the city invites some 40 restaurants to share their hospitality and favorite dishes with an estimated 1,000 people from Glendale and surrounding areas. Tickets allow attendees the opportunity to sample a wide selection of local fare: from slices of pizza and freshly grilled burgers to succulent lamb skewers and spicy curry dishes, and so much more. Glendale Taste Walk is presented by Glendale Arts, whose mission is to create a vibrant and healthy community that supports, cultivates, and appreciates the arts—a mission that is wholly supported by Phonexa.

As a sponsor of Taste Walk Glendale, Phonexa is doing much more than promoting a fine dining street fest; sponsorship also means contributing to the many benevolent causes that are supported by Taste Walk funds.  Nina Crowe, Director of Fund Development & Community Partnerships at Glendale Arts, notes that proceeds from the Taste Walk will go to support a variety of impactful youth programs, including a Technical Internship Program at the Alex Theatre, Glendale’s YWCA Summer Camp, and a campaign that supports music education in local schools. Says Crowe “What’s really fun is that Taste Walk Glendale is part food festival, part walking tour, and part fundraiser.”

Contributing to Taste Walk Glendale is keeping in lockstep with Phonexa’s commitment to its hometown roots, as it has done previously by volunteering time building affordable housing or participating in important civic occasions like Glendale Tech Week. “One of Phonexa’s greatest strengths is that we are built on the sturdy community foundation that is afforded here in Glendale,” says Phonexa President David Gasparyan, “It is essential that we contribute to this joyful food festival and encourage others to be active citizens in their neighborhood.”

For tickets and more information on Taste Walk Glendale please visit For more information on Glendale Arts, or to contribute to the Glendale Arts cause, please visit

The participation of Phonexa is being coordinated by Marina Moskalenko. Those with questions or requests are encouraged to contact her at or 844-746-6392.

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