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Phonexa and LINK Mobility Partner to Boost SMS Delivery Rates & Conversions in the UK

2 minutes read
2 minutes read

Performance marketing software company Phonexa has announced a strategic partnership with LINK Mobility to ensure clients can leverage a new way to effectively boost higher SMS delivery rates, performance, and conversions for SMS campaigns across the United Kingdom.

LINK Mobility lets customers send and receive phone calls, SMS, MMS, RCS, and emails through their API and gateway.

LINK Mobility joined Phonexa’s Partnership Programme to offer the new integration and SMS gateway to Phonexa users who subscribe to E-Delivery. The integration allows clients to automate SMS transactional triggers and report on performance through Phonexa’s lead and call tracking platforms.

E-Delivery gives affiliate marketers and email marketers unrivalled control to engage prospects with email and SMS campaigns.

“We’re thrilled to give our UK clients a powerful new way to automate their SMS campaigns. This partnership with LINK Mobility increases campaign conversion rates, ROI, and quickly facilitates product delivery to end consumers,” said Dave Pickard, CEO of Phonexa UK. “Phonexa clients who are already using E-Delivery’s effective segmentation and automation tools can now optimise and improve stronger SMS delivery rates through LINK Mobility’s SMS gateway.”

“I’m beyond thrilled to see this partnership come to life,” said Simon Dodd, UK Director for LINK Mobility. “Our new integration with Phonexa underscores our commitment to empower businesses with efficient communication tools that drive real-world value as a result. The ease of automation and connectivity that comes with an SMS integration is second to none, and I look forward to seeing brands truly enjoy its capabilities as part of their existing systems.”

Some of E-Delivery’s key features include:

  • Engage and re-engage your audiences with email and SMS campaigns, built into your call tracking and lead management systems.
  • Increase earnings and lifetime value by crafting tailored and compelling retargeting email and SMS campaigns.
  • Improve aesthetics and functionality for SMS campaigns by automatically shortening domain links.
  • Create split tests for a section of email and SMS lists that will send converting messages to the majority of your audience.

Learn more about E-Delivery by exploring its interactive dashboard.  

To learn more about Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation solution, schedule a consultation, email, call 01202-006-325, or click here to take a self-guided interactive tour.

About Phonexa: Phonexa is an enterprise-grade tracking software for performance and partner marketing. The Phonexa Suite is the underlying tech that carries through the consumer lead and call lifecycle, helping performance marketing teams drive ROI for brands across affiliate, partner, and paid channels. Phonexa prioritises outcomes-based marketing across customer interactions like clicks, calls, form submissions, website behaviour, and more. Through its single operating solution, the Phonexa Suite gives D2C publishers, networks, agencies, and brands unprecedented access and control to campaigns, eliminates lack of transparency across lead generation, and automates processes.

About LINK Mobility: The LINK Mobility Group AS is one of Europe’s leading mobile communications providers specialising in mobile messaging services and mobile solutions. With over 47,000 global customers, LINK Mobility offers a variety of scalable services and solutions across industries and sectors due to a growing demand for digital convergence between businesses and customers, platforms, and users. LINK Mobility makes mobile interaction and modern conversation easy by providing fast, global, and personalised messaging as a key driver in the business-customer dialogue of today. The Group is headquartered in Oslo, but operates through localised teams such as that in the UK.

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