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Mamble Joins Phonexa’s Partnership Programme to Provide Companies With Digital Growth Support

2 minutes read
2 minutes read

Phonexa has announced a strategic partnership with agency partner Mamble to provide mutual clients with digital growth services, including software development, growth data analytics, performance marketing, and martech support.

Mamble specialises in building and operating marketing and digital growth services for publishers and consumer service businesses.

By joining Phonexa’s Partnership Programme, Mamble will be able to provide web product development and integration and performance marketing services alongside Phonexa’s cutting-edge performance marketing software solutions. Businesses will benefit from an end-to-end solution for generating and converting leads, all while redefining how everyday consumers are educated, engaged, and connected with premier marketing services and solutions providers.

“We’re excited to partner with Phonexa to offer our clients a seamless end-to-end lead generation experience,” said Sona Mamyan, CEO of Mamble. “The partnership allows us to leverage our strengths in performance marketing, data analytics, and product development alongside Phonexa’s software solutions to deliver unparallelled value to our shared clients.”

“Clients gain access to software, development, and marketing services through Phonexa’s agency partner programme,” said Phonexa CMO Talar Malakian. “We’re excited to partner with Mamble to provide clients with agency support in performance marketing, web development, data solutions, and growth.”

Click here to learn more about Mamble.

To learn more about Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation solution, schedule a consultation, email, call 01202-006-325, or click here to take a self-guided interactive tour.

About Mamble: Mamble specialises in building and operating marketing and digital growth infrastructures for lead generation publishers and consumer service businesses. The company is based in Armenia and is known for its decade-long expertise in working with top financial debt solution providers in the United States and expanding its prowess into solar, insurance, professional services, and affiliate publishing. Mamble is committed to working with partners to build remarkable projects with excellent marketing, engineering, and data solutions and services.

About Phonexa: Phonexa is an enterprise-grade tracking software for performance and partner marketing. The Phonexa Suite is the underlying tech that carries through the consumer lead and call lifecycle, helping performance marketing teams drive ROI for brands across affiliate, partner, and paid channels. Phonexa prioritises outcomes-based marketing across customer interactions like clicks, calls, form submissions, website behaviour, and more. Through its single operating solution, the Phonexa Suite gives D2C publishers, networks, agencies, and brands unprecedented access and control to campaigns, eliminates lack of transparency across lead generation, and automates processes.

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