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IPQS and Phonexa Announce Partnership to Fight Affiliate Fraud With Data-Driven, Real-Time Threat Intelligence

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1 minutes read

IPQS, a globally trusted platform for fraud prevention, and Phonexa, a world leader in performance and partner marketing technology, have announced a strategic partnership that now allows businesses to verify leads in real-time, onboard genuine publishers, and protect against losses from fraudulent, bot-generated leads.

The announcement marks a significant milestone in the fight against affiliate fraud, where human-like bots and bogus suppliers submit fake leads to undermine system integrity.

This collaboration will create a safe digital environment for efficient, cost-effective, and optimised lead generation, allowing clients to maximise their return on investment.

IPQS will embed powerful fraud insights into the Phonexa platform, enabling clients to validate leads in real-time with greater transparency, onboard new partners with confidence, and prevent significant financial losses.

Leveraging the flexibility of Phonexa’s platform, businesses can create or modify rules, prevent fraud, and focus on growing the business without impacting good users.

The partnership will deliver several benefits, including:

  • Advanced Fraud Detection: Leverage powerful risk scoring, and identify IP addresses and devices connected to previous abuse.
  • Bot Detection: Identify bots, emulated devices, and hard-to-detect proxy IPs.
  • Superior Lead Quality: Access clean leads, partner with genuine lead providers, and fuel business growth.
  • Streamlined Operations: Simplify workflows, reduce manual interventions, and maximise revenue.
  • Increased Trust: Address evolving fraud tactics, root out fraudulent suppliers, and build user trust.

“I am excited about growing our relationship with Phonexa to beat affiliate fraud,” said Dennis Weiss, CEO at IPQS. “Our cutting-edge fraud technology allows us to see changes in behaviour in real-time. This enables clients to make instant decisions when reviewing leads – protecting their bottom line.”

“Our partnership with IPQS is a major step in securing our industry against affiliate fraud, which is an ever-evolving problem in our space,” said Jeffrey Schaffer, Chief Operating Officer of Phonexa. “We offer all clients the flexibility to set up customised rule sets for real-time fraud prevention. They get clear visibility into traffic quality and how the customer journey should be impacted without having to log out of our platform.”

For questions or to learn more about Phonexa’s all-in-one marketing automation solution for calls, leads, clicks, email, SMS, accounting, and more, schedule a consultation, email, or call (818) 800-0000.

To learn more about IPQS, schedule a demo, email, or call (800) 713-2618.

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