Equip Your Business for the Era of AI Voice Technology

Equip Your Business for the Era of AI Voice Technology


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We have never interacted with technology using voice commands with as much frequency as we do now, thanks to recent advancements in voice technology. First came the introduction of Siri in late 2011, enabling iPhone users around the globe to access the world’s first commercialised virtual assistant. 2011 was only seven years ago, but we’ve made significant strides since Siri. Now, it seems as though every modern American home has a virtual assistant of some sort to help with daily tasks, simple searches, and even household chores – everything powered by AI voice commands.

As more consumers become accustomed to living with AI-powered voice systems, businesses across all industries are incorporating this technology into their customer journey for a more seamless experience. It would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity to connect with your target audience while AI voice tech is still so prevalent. We might not know exactly how this will evolve in the future, but this is how you can equip your business for the immediate technology demands.

Personalise Your Calls

The business-to-consumer interaction has been reliant on voice technology for decades, whether that includes a simple phone call between the agent and consumer or a full-fledged automated conversation between the AI attendant and the consumer. Companies have made considerable strides since the first attempt at creating the automated attendant, but one thing remains the same: our human need to connect in a personal way. That’s why call tracking is such a game changer. It’s the brains behind the voice, so to speak. While the interactive voice response system can sound impeccably human and offer a variety of self-service options, it won’t be able to deliver the kind of personalised experience consumers are looking for without the help of an advanced call tracking system. With call tracking, your voice recognition software will be able to service customers according to their specific status in the sales process, automatically route calls based on location, offer multi-lingual speaking options based on demographic and much more. The tools are there for you to be as inventive as you want with the personalisation process!

Customise Your Customer Journey

Companies should assess their customer journey through the consumers’ lens, determine the points of inefficiencies and research the technology you need to improve your pipeline. With call tracking, you can customise almost every aspect of your customer journey to make it as smooth and high-converting as possible. For example, a common inefficiency in the customer journey is putting the caller on hold for too long. When the wait time exceeds just 40 seconds, the chance of your customer abandoning the call increases dramatically. Call tracking can fix this issue by distributing your calls to the appropriate agents, departments or store locations based on your preferred settings. Your callers will no longer have to speak to an IVR or representative to get routed to the right line, allowing both sides to save more time and effort. By skipping this small but significant hiccup in the customer journey, your callers will experience a much smoother and quicker service with your company. In the world of customer service, quickness is everything. In fact, studies show that 82% of customers admit that getting their issues resolved quickly is the number one factor to having a great customer experience. The faster your customer gets to speak with the right person who can resolve their issues, the more likely they will to recommend your business to others. Call tracking delivers the speed and efficiency you need to convert more calls and boost your ratings.

If your current customer journey does not involve any AI-powered voice technology, we highly recommend that you give this brilliant marketing software a try. It completely changes the way customers view and receive your brand. The communication process improves, customers are treated with consistent professionalism, and issues are resolved quickly without holds or hiccups. When your calls are equipped with advanced call tracking, your customers are happy and your bottom line increases. Everyone benefits.

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