Cloud tracking technology built for lead generators.

Loans are your forte. Advertisement is ours. Let Phonexa facilitate your web and call leads with our dedicated Lead Management System and Call Logic platforms.

You’ll receive up-to-the-minute analytics on your calls and campaigns, allowing you to make data-informed decisions on the spot. Our software provides multi-channel marketing automations to streamline your workflow, so you can easily customise your campaigns for all loan types.

Our Solutions

  • FREE API Integrations
  • Extensive fraud and error filtrations to ensure that only qualified leads pass through
  • Real-time analytics and performance reports for up-to-the-minute updates on your campaigns and lead lifecycles
  • Multi-tier Ping Tree to increase your sold leads and drive higher returns for your traffic
  • Automated accounting to easily manage your payables and receivables
  • Dynamic email marketing automations to onboard and nurture your customers
  • Customisable for all types of lending

Advertise. Optimise. Convert.

Why settle for mediocre management tools when you can upgrade to an all-in-one platform? Lead generators within the short-term loan, mortgage and business financing verticals can all benefit from using Phonexa’s proprietary LMS SYNC. Our LMS was developed with dozens of high-performance features that were built to increase revenue for all lending verticals.

Expect to receive granular conversion details, lead details, performance summaries, filter analyses, a multi-tier Ping Tree, real-time analytics and much more.