Healthcare industries spend billions on advertising each year. It is an enormous industry that offers an immense amount of services, so you need a software platform that can be tailored to your specific sector.

With access to a massive database of confidential patient information, it is extremely vital for healthcare businesses to invest in a secure infrastructure. Here at Phonexa, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Our tested, cloud-based platform is configurable for a wide range of health services, from patient data collection to medical data consolidation. Phonexa is one of the few companies you can trust to securely analyse your calls for more effective marketing decisions.

Our Solutions

  • Free, seamless integrations with Allscripts, DICOM, PACS, EMR, eRX and other industry-related APIs
  • Customise your IVR questionnaires for a seamless call experience
  • Consolidate your customer records and manage your client information through our powerful, heavily encrypted management system
  • Target your customers based on age, location, and other detailed filtrations through our proprietary call tracking platform
  • Effectively manage relationships with your clients and vendors through one unified platform
  • Make data-driven marketing campaign optimisations with real-time reports and analytics

Reliable. Secure. Efficient.

Phonexa routes all inbound calls to the appropriate agents and departments, while keeping in communication with your database, CRM, and customer Health Care Records cloud database. This will ensure security and reliability within the call flow so callers can be satisfied with their experience.

Health insurance agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare businesses can also enable self-servicing options through our smart IVR. Calls may be recorded for quality assurance and stored in our secure, downloadable cloud database. For added security, calls recorded for compliance purposes are redacted to remove confidential information.