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Why Books360 Makes A Difference

As the accounting hub for the Phonexa marketing suite, Books360 puts all your critical cash flow reports in one accessible platform.
Books360 saves time by streamlining and automating your accounting tasks so that you and your team are able to focus on growth opportunities.
Work seamlessly with your current tech stack with API integrations that connect to the solutions that keep your business running.
An integrated accounting platform gives you more control over your finances with access permissions and lead details.

Bookkeeping For All Your Marketing Efforts

Scale your business and streamline operations with Phonexa’s integrated accounting solution

You’ll get free integrations with major platforms, guided onboarding, and easy integration with your existing tools.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The customer support was amazing. Tiara and the Phonexa team was with us every step of the way through our initial build out of our ping tree. From integrations to client communication - it’s like they are part of our team! We’ve increased our revenue by monetising our data effectively.
Bill S.

Bill S.

Phonexa is easy to use and very customisable. I am just starting to learn all the capabilities however the ones I am familiar with are easy to use and important in our day to day. All the different requests I made thus far were solved within the platform or was adjusted to meet my needs.
Mati M.

Mati M.

Media Manager
Phonexa has helped my business. The platform has been instrumental in growing my business, the sheer volume of analytics at my fingertips has allowed me to really drill down in detail my leads which has in turn enabled me to increase my ROI.
Eamon B.

Eamon B.


Books360 FAQs

What is an integrated accounting solution?

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An integrated accounting solution simplifies the process of collecting and distributing payments for call or web leads by communicating directly with additional platforms. With integrated accounting, there is no need to export reports or manually input lead data.

How does Books360 work with other Phonexa solutions?

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Books360 is an integrated accounting solution that works with Phonexa’s Call Logic and LMS Sync to streamline and automate accounting tasks. All leads that are purchased or sold in Call Logic or LMS SYNC are counted in Books360 to give users an understanding of all their lead activity. Using automation, these leads are then attributed to certain invoices that are sent out to buyers and sellers.

How does Books360 reduce manual work?

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Books360 uses a completely integrated accounting system to reduce manual work. Users on other systems must export data or reports from their lead tracking solutions and import them into their accounting platform. Books360 automates this process, seamlessly importing your lead totals from Call Logic or LMS Sync into Books360 so that invoices can be sent out.

How much does Books360 cost?

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Books360 comes with no extra cost as part of the Phonexa marketing suite. Users do not need to pay any additional fees to use Books360 to automate their payment processes and seamlessly integrate to solutions like Call Logic and LMS Sync.

What industries benefit from using Books360?

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Any business that utilises Phonexa’s multi-channel marketing suite can benefit from using Books360. By seamlessly integrating with Phonexa’s different solution platforms, Books360 has value for those looking to streamline their bookkeeping and automate critical accounting processes. Verticals that have successfully used Books360 to integrate their bookkeeping and performance marketing include insurance, financial services, and home service businesses such as home security, pest control, and solar energy.

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