2022 Conferences Pave a New Path for UK’s Lead Generation Market

David Pickard
Chief Executive Officer (UK)
4 minutes read
David Pickard
Chief Executive Officer (UK)
4 minutes read

Navigating the modern age of the United Kingdom’s demand generation market has been quite the challenge for those on the tech side of operations. It’s been an uphill battle bringing innovations to the table and battling for the attention of traditional companies with an outdated and non-compliant approach to lead generation.

But that seems to be in the near past now. And if there’s one thing that I learned from this spring’s conference-going, it’s that the UK’s leadgen scene is experiencing an innovative revival that tech companies like Phonexa have been investing in as a first mover.

But there has been some serious “spring-cleaning” going on, as companies like Phonexa and others attend and support industry-changing initiatives like the inaugural Lead Generation World London (LGWL) conference hosted from April 3 to 5.

LGWL gathered old and new industry professionals together to dive deeper into how we can collectively improve the state of lead generation in the country and across Europe. The three-day event covered all industry segments and leadgen verticals, presenting immense networking opportunities through constructive discussions and educational forums.

It was a lead generator’s dream — a chance to share tech and marketing innovations and learn new tactics with each other and the world. There was something for everyone, and after numerous meaningful discussions, I’ve returned to our headquarters in Bournemouth with the following takeaways:

Tech is Leading the Change in Leadgen Industry

Advanced marketing automation softwares and tools are driving the lead generation industry into new horizons of exploration.

There are three reasons why I say this:

  • Automation technology optimises marketing processes and gives marketers the freedom and time to focus on building in-person relationships with prospective clients.
  • Automation technology provides marketers with detailed reports, analytics, and predictive modelling to make educated, ROI-driven decisions for their business models.
  • Technology just covers more and costs less. At Lead Generation World, we heard about the benefits of backing a leadgen company’s operations with comprehensive tech that will cost less and cover a broader scope of activities.

If you back all of those general points with an all-in-one suite of automation technology that covers every aspect of marketing, from calls and leads to SMS, email, accounting, and more, you get a winning strategy and the ability to run killer campaigns.

Luckily for us, recent conferences have done precisely that for the UK market. As a matter of fact, Acquia recently found that martech investments are set to soar in the UK this year, hinting at a growth-focused market projection that will drive the leadgen industry into new heights. The below infographic expands more on these findings, diving deeper into the near future of marketing technology in our region.

UK market embraces martech inovation - infographic

UK’s Lead Generation Market is at its Most Dynamic Stage

If there’s one exact thing we took away from our time at LeadGen World, it is that there’s no singular, one-size-fits-all solution to lead generation. Frankly, all speaker sessions at the conference brought forward a new approach.

With dynamic sessions covering buyer psychology, the consumer acquisition journey, shopping trends in Europe, and the art of converting leads into customers, we heard a plethora of different perspectives that just work. Adding those strategies to our already-depthful tech perspective gave us a hint that leadgen is going in the right direction regionally.

I had many meaningful conversations and meetings during the events, but during one of my chats with Michael Ferree, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of LGW, I really got a sense of the future that our industry holds and all the big plans and potential companies foresee in our market.

With plans to host an even bigger event in 2023, Ferree promised his dedication to growing the industry through providing best practices, new strategies, and custom conversations for leadgen businesses of all types. This makes me hopeful and excited for what’s to come in the next few years.

Everyone Must Participate in the Digital Evolution of LeadGen

Whether it’s a lead generation network, a tech provider, or even someone just looking to get started in the field, Lead Generation World London showed us a time and a place for everyone and their opinions and perspectives.

But growing the industry with the entirety of its potential takes a collective effort in attending more events, sharing more knowledge, and cultivating non-competitive environments for everyone to indulge in.

I was impressed with how much collaboration and partnership-building took place at the conference. Also present were people with different backgrounds who challenged each other and the general rhetoric of what should be done.

We spoke about consumer privacy laws and overall compliance regarding lead generation — a topic that needs to be approached and amplified in our market.

What’s Next?

With the LGWL and vertical-specific events like Insurtech Insights, I return to the workplace with much anticipation and excitement to help drive a new force into the lead generation area in the UK and across Europe.

The Phonexa UK team will continue to attend future events locally and internationally to talk about our all-in-one platform for marketing automation and learn more about industry needs, pain points, and requests to provide our solutions and support.

To discuss further what’s to come out of Phonexa’s UK division, you can expect to meet our team at the eCommerce Expo 2022 in London, MailCon in Las Vegas, and other events.

Connect with David Pickard on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with future events the U.K. team will attend. 

Schedule a consultation with our team in the UK to learn more about how Phonexa can be the one-stop-shop for all of your marketing automation needs. 

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David Pickard
Chief Executive Officer (UK)
David Pickard is the CEO of Phonexa UK
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