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Insurance remains an incredibly competitive marketing space—just about any advantage available can go a long way. That’s why Phonexa wants to provide a distinct edge for those in the insurance industry with our sophisticated multi-channel marketing platform that uses data to help you better connect with prospects and improves your return on investment.


Identify the impact your insurance marketing has by tracing the journey of inbound calls. Use our platform to identify callers who are looking for home, auto, life, or an insurance bundle and get them to the right representative.


Collect insurance leads through the platform and redistribute them with our advanced multi-tier ping tree technology.


Keep your leads engaged with automated email options. Manage subscribers and target certain groups with customizable email messages.


Maintain an impeccable bottom line with accounting that lets you get a top-level view of all your insurance marketing efforts.

Marketing Software
for All Segments

  • Life Life
  • Annuity Annuity
  • Auto Auto
  • Business Property Business Property
  • Disability Disability
  • Health Health
  • Homeowner Homeowner
  • Long-Term Care Long-Term Care
  • Renters Renters
  • Senior Health Senior Health

More Calls—and More Call Data

Calls are an integral part of the insurance industry. Consumers are eager to call to get more information on prospective insurance offers. Call tracking and call management by Phonexa helps insurance marketers handle greater call volume and makes sure that all the relevant data from every call is collected. The result is giving insurers everything they need to increase their calls and expand their market knowledge.

Earn Consumer Confidence

With so much invested in every call, it is critical that insurance companies provide exceptional customer service to every prospect that calls in. Phonexa provides businesses with Interactive Voice Response—a powerful feature that answers incoming calls using an AI “operator” that can greet callers and answer questions before routing them to the correct agent. Plus, you can ensure that you’re providing the best customer service available by using Phonexa’s call recording, allowing companies to keep representatives at the top of their game.

A One-Stop Shop

A lot of insurance professionals know what it is like to have expertise in a variety of fields. Phonexa’s all-in-one platform allows marketers to reach consumers and collect valuable insights across multiple channels. You can run automated email campaigns, generate web leads, track calls, handle internal accounting, and much more with our platform. All-in-one means streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, and getting a more complete view of all your marketing efforts.

Get More Out of Your Investment

Phonexa empowers insurance marketers to precisely measure their return on investment with its sophisticated call tracking and campaign analytics. Marketers will be able to attribute calls and web leads to specific ads or campaigns. Our intuitive graphs can tell you whether your paid search or social media ads led to more calls, meaning you’ll have a clearer idea of how to spend your money on the next campaign. Companies will gain greater insight and minimize risk on every marketing effort.

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