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Consumers expect larger institutions to automatically have the best technology coupled with the best customer service - and banks are no exception. With all the technology required for banks, including advanced IVR, queuing system, skill-based routing, voice recognition, database and CRM integrations, call analytics, and security compliance, the inbound and outbound of voice channels can quickly become complex and expensive. Phonexa’s single platform provides all of these features and more while allowing banks to reduce their spend and boost their marketing efforts.

INDUSTRIES - Energy & Utilities

Customer satisfaction is an absolute priority in this industry, which makes optimizing the call center a must. Phonexa can automate outbound calls related to news and notifications while communicating directly with your database or CRM. With automatic notifications, customers will be updated with changes to their energy and utilities while also being notified of their usage based on their surrounding neighborhood, city, and state. Inbound channels will be filtered to direct the caller to the appropriate department to make the call as efficient as possible. Companies can filter incoming calls using an advanced IVR system and skills-based routing. Call center analytics will visualize the performance of each agent, department and campaign, so companies will know how to best optimize their inbound and outbound campaigns.

INDUSTRIES - Healthcare

Healthcare industries spend billions on advertising each year. With access to an extraordinary amount of confidential patient information, it is extremely necessary for healthcare businesses to invest in a secure infrastructure. Phonexa is HIPPA compliant, making us one of the few companies that can securely analyze your calls to help you make effective marketing decisions. Phonexa can route all inbound calls to the appropriate agents and departments, while keeping in communication with your database, CRM, and customer Health Care Records cloud database. This will ensure security and reliability within the call flow so that callers will be satisfied with their experience. Healthcare companies can also enable self-servicing options through the smart IVR. Calls may be recorded for quality assurance and stored in our secured, downloadable cloud database. For added security, calls recoded for compliance purposes will be redacted in order to remove confidential information.

INDUSTRIES - Insurance

Phonexa helps insurance firms connect with their clients, agents and brokers by improving the communication process. Our solution helps to increase ROI, whether an agency generates leads through self-promotion or affiliate marketing. Agencies equipped with Phonexa’s state-of-the-art Call Logic platform can easily manage their entire network of affiliates and underwriters.

INDUSTRIES - Lead Generation

Phonexa has a solution to meet your needs whether you are a lead generator, network or buyer. Our Call Logic platform automates the entire call flow for higher conversion and retention rates. Throughout the entire life cycle of the call, Phonexa will capture detailed analytics and present them within our graphical user interface. These statistics will help improve your marketing strategies and campaigns in order to increase your return on investment. Additionally, Phonexa's Books360 can automate your entire billing structure, enabling automated invoicing and bill collections. LMS SYNC, our Lead Management System, can also automate your entire lead life cycle, providing you with rich information about your leads and giving you higher earnings.


Did you know that over three-quarters of the US population make contact with attorneys over the phone? If businesses in the legal industry don't have assigned phone numbers and call analytics, it will be difficult to know which campaigns are working. With Phonexa’s advanced call flow system, legal firms can see all of their call and web traffic in real-time. Vanity phone numbers can also be provided to encourage better branding and a greater influx of callers.

INDUSTRIES - Pharmaceutical

The landscape of industry continues to change as rules and regulations evolve throughout the years. This yields a clear impact on older marketing strategies. It is now imperative that pharmaceutical companies optimize their outreach strategies with a cloud-based system. Phonexa is the ideal choice for its ability to easily and seamlessly sift through data and present relevant analytics to its users in this industry.

INDUSTRIES - All Industries

All of Phonexa's features were built to meet each client's needs. That’s why there isn't a business that we can't help. If your industry isn't listed here, give us a call. We'll happily discuss how our solutions can help your business grow.

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Over half of all mobile searches result in a phone call. If your business isn't mobile-optimized, it won’t reach its maximum potential.

Phonexa keeps you connected in a constantly evolving world. With features designed specifically for your industry, we’ll help your business reach new heights.

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