Call Analytics

Phonexa's leading Call Analytics technology tracks detailed caller demographics and marketing attributes that spur your calls.


Phonexa's Call Analytics is designed for advertisement-driven calls. This unique and comprehensive platform matches your incoming calls to the marketing attribute that generated the call, whether that means online or offline advertisements. With our Call Analytics integrated into your phone system, you'll know who the caller is, where he or she called from, and which marketing effort prompted the call. You can receive all the user-friendly, detailed metrics in real-time from any internet-connecting device.

  • Analyses inbound traffic to improve customer campaigns
  • Analytics on IVR structure, campaigns, and calls
  • Real-time reporting
  • Detailed caller analytics:
  • Detailed marketing analytics:
  • Customises filters based on analytics review
  • Creates comparison reports for your customers and vendors

Before the Call

Before you receive a single call, your office or call center is optimized to receive that call. Phonexa stands poised to do the same.

When your customer responds to your ad, by calling the number or hitting a “click-to-call” prompt, it unleashes a “behind-the-scenes data machine.” Let’s call that Phonexa. These calls can be either toll-free or local. Phonexa tracks both. Once the call is connected, Phonexa gets to work.

Phonexa’s Call Analytics Software will capture your callers' information based on the phone number they called, the location they called from and the reason for the call. A lead will automatically be generated within our LMS SYNC lead management portal, while the callers' information will be searched and logged within your database for previous calls and history.

During the Call

Once the call is connected to Phonexa’s IVR (Interactive voice recognition), the customer is given the option of entering their information via phone keypad, or using VoicePLUS, Phonexa’s proprietary voice recognition system. The IVR acts as a filtering system to ensure that the caller is connected to the appropriate agent.

The appropriate agent might be based on the first available, by skill set, or any other parameter of your choosing. Our custom IVR’s make it easy to route your calls in the most efficient way possible.

The IVR process collects the caller’s phone number, the location they called from, their inputs and the reason for the call. Calls can be also recorded for training or compliance purposes.

During the call customers can answer a set of questions to fill out applications, while answering IVR questions and through our API connection with your database, we will begin to search your database according to the answers being inputted by the customer in real-time.

During the call, Phonexa’s real-time engagement gives you the power to make decisions that enhance the customer experience as they happen. Representatives make informed decisions based upon the information presented by Phonexa on the interface.
It’s the very best on-call analytics in the business.

After the Call

Everything that was learned during the call is presented on the Phonexa dashboard. This stylishly-designed interface is easy on the eyes and intuitive to use. Through our in-depth proprietary platform, you will find everything related to the call from the beginning to the end.

Phonexa’s real-time engagement we let you act on calls in real-time to automate the ideal customer experience before, during and after each phone call.

It provides a wealth of information meant to help you spot trends and ultimately lead you to higher conversion rates and improved optimization of your marketing resources.

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